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My name is Sophie Charlotte and I help highly sensitive, deeply driven women live life in alignment with their true selves.

I have a sensor for truth and (mis)alignment. I can feel it when you are not being true to yourself, when you're living a life that isn't really yours. I help you get back into alignment with your true self and dare follow what makes you feel alive. I've done so myself time and time again, moving to Florence, giving up my steady job, switching careers numerous times to finally follow my heart of helping others live in full alignment with their true selves. I feel we're here for a reason and helping you find that reason and fully live it out is what makes me feel I can die a happy woman. Ready to uncover your truth and live in full alignment with it? This is where you say YES to you and your dreams!

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You have a calling. You are meant to shine. You deserve to be happy, really happy. I was stuck in anxiety disorder for seven years because I wasn't living a life that was true to me. Once I threw my life around and followed my heart to Florence, Italy I cured myself from the anxiety disorder. Saying YES to yourself and your dreams is what will get you in alignment with your true self and as a result you'll attract everything you desire into your life with ease and grace. Love, fulfilment, freedom, joy, abundance; it is all there waiting for you. All you need to do is line yourself up with your soul calling and surrender to the Universe. And I am here to help you with that!

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'It is the best decision I have made in my entire life'

'I was looking online while researching becoming a life coach. I had been through this before with many other ideas and creative dreams, none of which had amounted to anything more than chit chat. This time was different because I met Sophie. When I spoke to her I instantly felt a connection l. It was as though the universe was calling me through her. The words she spoke were the words I was hearing myself speak, only at that point I hadn't the courage to say it to myself. I knew it was for me and so I committed. At the beginning me committing was a total mess. Between feeling like I didn't have time, and being a stressful mess I stumbled into our meeting totally out of alignment and in a big confused mess. Sophie saw that within 2 seconds of our video call. Not only that, but she bravely called me out on it. She asked questions that left me no more space to run away from what I was trying to hide from - myself. She gently led me back to myself and helped me remember exactly who I am and how beautiful I am. Her no bullshit method meant that I had to take notice of me. In less than 3 sessions, my life has gone from confused, disorganised and fear based to light, easy and bursting with love. I am myself and I am moving towards my dreams step by step with Sophie at my side gently reminding me how wonderful I am and that the universe wants this too. I thank the universe daily for Sophie coming into my life and I cannot put into words how incredible her coaching is. It is the best decision I have made in my entire life and I feel honoured to share this message with you in the hope that it will inspire you to say Yes too.' - Zoe Louise Goddard Life Coach


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