What does a coach do exactly?

This is actually a very good question. Many people don’t have a clue of what a coach does exactly, so I thought it would be a good idea to shine some light on the matter.

Now that I just wrote this last expression, I realized I already answered the question. Because ‘shining light on the matter’, whatever that matter may be, is exactly what a coach does.

Allow me to explain myself more clearly. When we are dealing with an issue, a problem or whatever is ‘the matter’, we are often ‘in the dark’ about what we should do next. This is because you continue to run up and down the same dark alley in your mind, over and over again – not seeing a way out or having a clear view of the alley itself altogether. This is because you are in the alley and only have a one way, or maybe maximum, two way view of it.

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Now this is where coaching comes in. By looking at your alley from different angles and turning on the street lamps, the whole situation presents itself in a completely different ‘light’. Maybe you find a bike you could use to move faster, maybe someone’s car is blocking the road and you find a way to pass by it. Or perhaps you notice that the vehicle you’re using isn’t the right one. Or you could even see that the alley is actually pretty nice and feels like the right place to be.

I have no idea what you will find, but I’m sure you will find something that will allow you to change your situation.

People often think that coaching is about having someone there to guide you along and to tell you what to do. The kind of coaching I provide isn’t like that. I believe that you already have all the answers, skills and resources in you that you need to face the situation you’re dealing with. This might sound weird, and trust me, before I did my training I actually frowned upon it as well, thinking: ‘but if I don’t know what to do, I go to a coach who does know and will tell me what to do and that’s that, right?’

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What actually happens there is that you give your power away and trust someone else to know what you need or what’s right for you. How often have people given you well-intentioned advice and did you actually do something with it? I imagine that you only acted on the advice if you felt that it was right for you. Or maybe you tried it, but gave up because it wasn’t ‘your thing.’

Coaching helps you find ‘your thing’ and act upon it so that you make the changes that you want to make to create the life that you want to live.

How this works? Through powerful questions. I join you in your alley and accompany you while you check out everything there is to it. My questions allow you to look at your alley from the perspective of the traffic lights, from a rooftop, from a hundred kilometres ahead and from over the neighbour’s fence. It gives you a bird’s eye view that helps you to understand what step to take next. Switching perspective changes the way you see things, the way you look at them and eventually what you do with them.

Photo: Szolkin – lifeofpix.com

Curious about what discovering your alley together might bring? Please, contact me and book your first free consult. We’ll get the chance to get to know each other and to define what it is you want to reach outside your alley.


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Sophie, I really like this article and your website. No I don’t need a session. Just wanted to say that I am following you and enjoyed reading the articles.

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Thanks John! Really kind of you to leave a message and glad that you like what I’m writing :). Have a great day, Sophie

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