How to Be a Yes Woman

One of my favourite films is Yes Man with Jim Carrey. In the film he basically goes from avoiding life to saying yes to everything that crosses his path. The result is often absurd and hilarious – otherwise of course good ol’ Jim wouldn’t be in this film in the first place – but the most interesting outcome of this shift in attitude is how life starts saying yes to him in return.

By grabbing every opportunity that comes his way, even though he doesn’t know what the consequence will be, he starts creating a life that is so enriching, so thrilling and so exciting that he can’t but attract positivity into his life. And that’s exactly what happens. He meets a wonderful girl, makes new fun friends and learns skills that even save his and other people’s lives on several occasions. By saying yes to life he gets a yes back – and that is such an amazing truth that I have discovered as well.

Take the leap and dive into the unknown

I have decided that life is meant to be lived to the fullest. This also means that I’m willing to take responsibility for my actions when things don’t turn out so well. It means I accept the uncomfortable feeling of not-knowing and embrace the fear that comes to the surface when venturing outside of my comfort zone. I have come to trust that life will find a way and that I know I can count on myself. Knowing that makes all the difference – it allows me to take the leap and dive into the unknown.

Apparently this message has arrived on the editing table of the universe as well. Some time ago I decided to rebrand my coaching business and focus on my dream client: ambitious women who are bored out of their wits and wish they could to follow their dreams, but feel held back by fear. I’ve invested in a programme, revisited my social media and I’ve redone my website. I have said yes to this new adventure that is much more in line with what I stand for even though I have no idea how it will go. Yes, I’m terrified and yes I’m excited at the same time. Let’s say I’m very much on edge – on the edge of glory that is.


So, now you’re probably curious to hear what little surprise the universe came up with. Well, it came in the form of an e-mail with an invitation to a two day luxury event with Gina DeVee at the St. Regis; a five star hotel in Florence. I must admit that at first I thought it was a scam of some sorts. Why on earth would I be invited to an event at a super chique hotel lead by someone I don’t even know? Then I checked Gina out and I saw that she was SUPER big. So, I thought, the heck, let’s just go and see what it’s like.

It was exactly what I needed.

Making this shift, taking my business from being offline, local and with a small target, to global and online is incredibly scary. And since I’m doing it all by myself and don’t really feel like I’m meeting many like-minded people with a similar high energy, I felt a bit low in spirits lately.

The Wow Factor Live Event

And then I stepped into the room of The Wow Factor Live Event and my heart literally started pounding. The positive energy was palpable, the women looked amazing and Gina was phenomenal. It felt like such an honour to be part of this event which women from all over the world had flown out to and had paid a substantial amount of money for – and I was sitting there, for free and soaking it all up.

The two days were full of uplifting inspiration, mind shifting magic and hardcore networking, which provided me with an exchange of energy that has kept me feeling pumped for days. This is where I want to be, this is my tribe, this is my vibe. And so what I realized was that by being that high value woman, by living that vibration and tuning into my potential, I attracted that into my life.

How-to-Be-a-Yes-Woman (1)

I have no idea how it’s going to go next, what is around the corner or where I’ll be at in some months’ time. What I do know, is that when you decide to get in line with your true calling, when you trust your gut feeling and really, really go for it, you’ll be supported in ways that you can’t even imagine.

By taking the action, you will actually create your dream

And if you find it hard to believe that some outer force is supporting you, then just believe in yourself. Imagine yourself already doing it, succeeding and actually making it happen. This will get you so hyped, so determined that you can’t but work your butt off to get there. And by taking the action, you will actually create your dream. And trust me; your shift in energy will attract inspiring people into your life that will help you further along. It all makes sense if you think about it.

If you believe in it, you’ll work for it. If you don’t, you won’t.

And how will I deal with fear, self-doubt and insecurity, you might ask. Well, it’s all about showing up, doing the work and seeing it succeed as you go along. Don’t wait for the circumstances to be perfect, they never will be. Just dive in, take the leap, make it happen – and life will take care of the rest. Trust that.

Gina & me
Gina & me

Ready to take the plunge, but just can’t get beyond that stifling fear? Get in touch and I’ll help you deal with fear in a very powerful way. And then you’ll finally be able to follow your dreams! Life is out there – go get it!

Love & courage.


P.S. This is another post with great inspiration from films and how they teach us massive interpersonal skills.


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I couldn’t refrain from commenting. Very well

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Thank you so much John, glad you liked it :).

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I couldn’t agree more Sophie. I recently learned that I really need to trust my instinct and let go of fear because as far as I take action, the universe will reward and support all I do. I have never felt so inspired, full of energy and positive about my future, and the amazing thing is that I don’t even feel so scared as I felt in the past. I had no clarity whatsoever and now I am really grateful for all I have.
Thank you for sharing this, it’s truly inspiring and I can really perceive your energy through your words.

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Hey Alessia, thank you so much for your kind words and sharing that it resonated with you! It’s true that when we really, fully go for something the universe seems to pick that up and help us when it can – not always in the form we expect it to though, but that keeps it fresh, doesn’t it ;).

Thanks again & have a wonderful day!


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I’ve recently started working on abundance mindset and I had never realized that abundance isn’t only a matter of bank account and cash, but there is a lot more and apparently the universe is completely aware of it. I’m just so amazed how things turn around so quickly when you start think differently.
Thank you, it’s always a pleasure reading your thoughts!

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I know – the mindset and energy come first, the rest follows naturally! Glad to hear you like reading my thoughts :). Have a great day, Sophie

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