Take No Crab

How to not let crabs – or anything else for that matter – get between you and your mission.

After a two-hour train ride, walking down a very narrow path between rocks that functioned to cover up the sewers – yep, there’s the crap – I finally found a place where I could sit with me, myself and I. I had carefully planned this day at the beach, with no one to take care of, nothing to do, and nowhere to be but just being by myself because I felt I really needed it. But I nearly let a bunch of crabs ruin my day of self-care.

As a highly-sensitive thrill seeker I regularly spend time by myself, locking myself away from the world to recharge my own batteries. I need that in order to even be able to show up in the outside world. I often use my weekends to go into reflection mode, which involves isolation, journaling and a source of water – and often tears. But that’s basically the same thing.

I really wanted to go and dedicate this day to me since I felt the deep need to reconnect with myself after having derailed due to focussing too much on something that had gotten me out of alignment with myself. I needed to get myself back – and so I walked down this path, looking for a place with a wide view of the sea and no one to interrupt my thoughts.


I was over the moon when I found my little private paradise tucked away, between rocks, the sea – and the sewers (they hadn’t been in use for a long time, I noticed). I sat myself down and looked out at the sea, the horizon, the boats that floated by and I went inwards. I closed my eyes and listened to whatever had to come out.

Allow yourself to receive.

A dam broke. I hadn’t really been allowing myself to receive – I had, but not really. I’d been focussing on the lack and whenever I did receive, I’d expected to leave it again soon. And so that’s what I had created for myself. A pattern of coming and going – like the uncontrollable ebb and flow of the sea.

What if I allowed myself to receive and really let myself bathe in abundance? Really be absorbed by it, supported by it, loved by it? Now that would mean real fulfilment and pure bliss.

I opened my eyes and saw the sea, the vast body of water that was beckoning. It was the symbol of my abundance. My initiation into the new me; the woman who allows herself to receive. Fully.

And then I saw something move. And then again. And I saw tiny little claws making their way up the rock, moving sideways. There were crabs, a hell of a lot of them. I freaked out because even though they were tiny, they were many and they looked like spiders. Especially the one that had boldly crawled onto my towel and was creeping up my foot.

I wanted to head for the water, but in order to dive in I had to face the crabs.

So, now what?

I sat there weighing my options. I could stay where I was, get hotter and hotter and not complete the ritual I felt I had to do. Or I could let myself sink into the water, with the crabs and the fear and go for that swim to refresh and reset myself.


The more I thought about it, the harder it got. The more I focussed on the crabs, the more I saw. They were literally everywhere. And so I stayed put. Until I realised I actually had the solution to this problem. I simply had to apply the technique that has gotten me through every situation filled with insecurity, fear or high doses of anxiety; willingness.

I had to be willing to step on the crabs, to let them bite me or even come up to my face. I had to put my desire above my fear, I had to focus on my value instead of on the seeming obstacle, I had to do this no matter what. And so I slid down the crab infested rock and dove in.

And of course, nothing happened.

After my cleansing swim I climbed back up the rocks all the crabs scooted away as fast as they could and they were way more scared of me then I was of them. And I laughed at how silly my fear had been while I let my wet skin soak up the sun.

What I’m trying to show you here is that when you really want something, you just need to go for it. Reality is always so much nicer than your thoughts about it. But you’ll only discover that by actually putting yourself in that situation. Yes, it’s scary, yes, it’s risky, yes, it’s crazy – but it’s what you really want. And that is worth so much more than any possible negative consequence that your mind manages to come up with.

Do it for you – you’ll love it.

And once you get a taste of the endless possibilities beyond your fear, well, then my dear, you’re free.

Learn how to get that place with my programme Take the Leap. It teaches you exactly how to put yourself and your dreams first and let nothing get in your way anymore – not even yourself.

To an unstoppable you!

Love & courage,

Sophie Charlotte
Confidence Coach for Women on a Mission



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