Dare Do You

You have one life so you might it as well live it to the fullest.

But what does that mean, living life to the fullest? It means doing what you really want to do and being who you really want to be. It means being you and doing you – all the way.

I am extremely committed to living life my way, becoming the best version of myself and contributing meaningfully so that I can look back on my life one day and go: “yep, my life has been worth living and I have made a real difference in this world.” I can only make a difference in this world if I do what I desire and if I become who I really am.


Very often though we are and do the opposite. This creates misalignment. Misalignment causes pain. Pain can manifest itself in many ways: depression, addiction, obesity, physical ailments, anxiety – just to name a few. The latter held me hostage for seven long years, but by getting into alignment with myself and my true desire of moving to Florence, Italy I’ve been able to cure myself from anxiety disorder.  Pretty powerful and that’s also why I am a massive advocate for doing what you desire – not just for your own personal satisfaction, but for your physical and mental health’s sake. Because all these conditions can cause serious lack of self-worth, self-sabotage, self-hatred and even suicide.

So in order to live to the fullest you need to dare be and do to the fullest.

The uncomfortable comfort zone

That is scary. It means going out of your comfort zone. It means being different from your role models; your parents. It means risking rejection from the very people your life depends on. That’s a tricky place to be in. Do you choose your life and risk rejection, or do you choose the unlived life and risk self-rejection?

It sounds very simple and schematic this way maybe, but this is what it all comes down to.

Do you dare do you? Do you dare trust your own truth? Do you dare write your own rules? Do you dare go for what feels right for you? Do you dare break away from what isn’t really you? Do you dare put yourself first and decide that your happiness is worth just as much as anyone else’s? Do you dare reach your full potential and maybe leave less room for others? Do you dare go beyond what’s expected or acceptable and risk negative reactions or even rejection from the people around you?

Driven by dread or dreams

It all depends on what you’re committed to most: to their life or to your life. Are you driven by dread or by your dreams? Do you care more for security (and being stuck in it as a result) or do you care more for the unlimited possibilities of life and the freedom that taking that frikkin’ scary leap brings with it?

Doing you is scary. It is also necessary. But only if you want to live a life that truly fulfils you of course. It means getting intimate with yourself, caring so much about yourself that you will actually take care of yourself and let the love you feel for your dear self surmount the fears, the criticism, the questioning looks, the unknowingness, the emotional rollercoaster that life becomes when you decide to live it to the fullest and dive in completely.


Feel unstoppable

But consider for a moment what happens when you really choose you. You’ll find people just like you. You’ll attract opportunities that are exactly right for you. You’ll go to places that fit you and your life like a glove. You’ll tap into powers you didn’t know you had and you’ll dare do you more and more and more, which will leave you feeling truly unstoppable. But you’ll only be able to experience all of this when venturing out there. By taking that super scary first step. And the next. And the next. And the next….

But before you know it, you’ll have created your path. The one that only you can walk, the one you were supposed to walk, because, you know what, it’s actually already laid out for you; you just need to lean in and follow the signs that are trying to lead you there.

You are meant for this. You can do this. You will succeed. Now go, go, GO!

Love & courage,

Sophie Charlotte

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