The Unknown Side Effects of Following Your Dream

That following your dream feels good as f*ck is an understatement – and also something that everybody can sort of imagine. But there are also many unknown side effects to following your dream, which I’ve experienced first-hand and would like to share in this post, so that you big leap takers know what kind of a ride you’re in for…

It cures you from all kinds of ailments

Take my own personal leap to Florence for example. While I was preparing for my big fat trip, which was actually supposed to be only five months in Florence and five months in Australia, by the way (no, in case you’re wondering, I still haven’t set foot in Australia…), I was taking anti-depressants for my anxiety disorder. I had been for the previous six years. On and off, but still, I was heavily influenced by my tendency to go into massive shutdown because of over-worrying, panicking and feeling so tight in my chest I could barely eat or concentrate on anything for that matter. Moving to Florence cured me from that predicament, as I shared here.

A year after I got to Florence, as a present for my 26th birthday I decided to quit taking anti-depressants – and I still haven’t felt the need for them after more than seven years of living in Florence.

It eases out your high-sensitivity

I’m a highly-sensitive person. This means that I get over-stimulated very easily, need loads of alone time to recharge my battery and can get very moody when I haven’t eaten, slept or been outside enough. I’m also an over-excitable thrill-seeker, so this makes for a wonderful combination as you can imagine. The reason I’m telling you this is that this characteristic of mine was way more present when I was pouring energy into something that was actually draining the living daylight out of me: my relationship.

What I’ve noticed is that once you get into alignment with yourself, when you look yourself in the eye and really get dead honest, you see what is creating your discomfort and once you release yourself from that (yes, I’m talking about a break up), you create space to breathe, to be who you really are and to freely express your essence. And then, like magic, being a highly sensitive person wasn’t such an issue anymore. I started going out again, drinking pretty enthusiastically (couldn’t even finish two glasses of wine before), occasionally went to bed at 6am and got up some hours later. Of course I did feel tired, but the adrenaline made me feel super high-vibe and energetic. All these things wouldn’t knock me down the way they did when I was still in that unfulfilling relationship.

follow your dream

So, long story short: when you do you and get excited about life, you can handle WAY more than you ever thought possible. So that is another unknown side effect of following your dream: you tap into your previously dormant super powers and can handle much more than before.

You start believing in yourself

Another effect of going for what you truly desire is that you start believing in yourself. Not because you only imagine yourself doing that big crazy thing, but because you’ll have actually have done all of these things.

For example: end your first ever long-lasting relationship, leave your steady teaching job, move to Florence, work and study at an Italian language school, try out different careers like teaching Dutch, writing for a blog, interpreting, tour guiding, translating, just to name a few from personal experience. By actually doing all these big things, you just know that whatever comes your way, you’ll be fine. This is because you’ve developed so many skills and you’ve adapted to so many different situations – and pretty much rocked all of them out – that you just know you’re pretty awesome. Not because you have to convince yourself you are, but really because you actually are.

It turns you into the most innovative, creative powerhouse on the planet

Making big, fat changes, moving out of your comfort zone and going for your big, bold dream like your life depends on it – because it does – turns you into the most innovative, creative powerhouse on the planet and allows you to get to know sides of yourself you’d never have discovered had you stayed in your old, boring, yet securely safe and somewhat uncomfortable comfort zone.


Venturing out there is scary, it’s thrilling, it’s unpredictable, it’s sometimes painful, makes you feel super lonely and can at times get very, very challenging. It’s also very rewarding. Knowing that you can do something, being able to say that you have tried and showing your scars as proof for your battle, simply makes you feel super proud of yourself. And that feeling is priceless. It gives you wings, makes you feel unstoppable and fulfilled to the core. And most of all, it allows you to live your life without any regrets. Because, let’s be honest, saying that you have done it is so much more fulfilling then saying: “I wish I had”, right?

It makes you feel alive when alive

It’s up to you and how important you find it to actually feel alive when you’re alive. You decide if you want to live out your life to the max or just bob along in the comfort of your boring bubble bath – seeing the soap bubbles of opportunity pop into nothingness right before your eyes. It’s your choice to feel on fire and deeply thrilled with every bone of your body when daring to do what you dread, or to feel already done living while you still have so much valuable life ahead of you.

You have the power to make your life count and turn it into a masterpiece. It all starts with daring to take the leap – and that’s where I come in. I have designed an extremely powerful coaching programme called… (surprise, surprise!) Take the Leap and it guides you through the exact six steps that have helped me, and continue to help me, take my own personal leaps over and over again. Check it out here if you desire to get clarity on your direction, the courage and confidence to go for it and to finally feel frikkin’ fulfilled because you’re living YOUR own life the way you want to.

Ready to Take the Leap? Read all about it here of go and book your free consultation here so we can chat about it!

Love & courage,

Sophie Charlotte


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‘You decide if you want to live out your life to the max or just bob along in the comfort of your boring bubble bath’ – love it, so true!

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Yep… It’s all in our hands! 😀 <3

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