How to Be Happy

2017 has been a pretty spectacular year: I travelled to Hawaii, Mallorca and Paris. I found my dream home in Florence, I grew my business into a really enjoyable and successful venture and – last but not least – I found the man of my dreams.

Now, this might sound like I was born with a lucky feather up my ass and just happened to manifest extreme happiness.


I’ve worked very hard for each and every aspect of my life and since I’m determined to not waste any moment and fully live without any regrets, I decided to take my happiness into my own hands.

Even more so: I’ve taken it by the balls.

I went on those trips for the live events of the Divine Living Academy; a coaching course I have been part of this year. I was determined to be in that room with my mentor, so I made it happen no matter what. Each event has been life-changing, like you can read in this post for example on how forgiving my father helped me see my own feminine strength.


I went out of my comfort zone investing in a 10.000 dollar programme I felt I needed, but didn’t know why. Or how to pay for it for that matter. I stretched myself flying all over the world, sharing beds with strangers and sharing the most intimate stories on stage, making new friends as a result. I put myself in the place I wanted to be: a room full of high-vibe women determined to make the best of their lives and their businesses.

This year has turned me into a real queen who owns her life, feels confident in her own skin and rocks out her business. Pretty amazing results, if I may say so myself.


It was all because I decided to invest in that adventure that I just felt was my path. I took the leap and have found gold I didn’t even know existed. Finding my dream home was a direct consequence of learning to get in touch with my desires, allowing myself to have them and then finally manifesting them into my reality. This is a little story about how it went:

After breaking up with my Italian boyfriend of five years, I lived in our house for six more months and then I decided to leave it all behind and move to Berlin. After a month I decided to come back to Florence however and temporarily shared a flat with someone else. This lady was very friendly, but at a completely different vibe from mine and so being home was not fun – at all.

In January I’d had enough and set the intention to find a new house by the end of that month. I put some extra pressure on it by not renewing the contract and even letting her show the house to new possible flatmates. It was sinking or swimming. I visualised my home, looking out over my favourite square Santo Spirito and I remember seeing a loving man in there cooking me a meal while I came home from work.

Within a few days I got a call from an agent proposing me my current house. It was exactly what I desired and even more beautiful than that. I’d made magic happen by setting a very clear intention, making it a this-needs-to-happen-no-matter-what situation, taking inspired action and then just trusting the Universe to deliver – and it did. I still can’t believe I’ve been able to manifest this house which looks like a boutique hotel, has a garden, an indoor space to park my bike and is just off my favourite square. It’s perfect for me.

coach-in-florence (2)

The rent is pretty high though, but since it is so important to my happiness, I’ve made it my priority and I’ve been able to make it happen every month. The Universe always has my back and helps me get what I need and desire; it’s really magical. The more I surrender the more I’m supported and that is a very important life lesson I’ve learnt this year, like I also wrote in this post about going with the flow.

Another thing I’ve learnt is that reality is always much friendlier than your thoughts about it.

We can worry ourselves into unhappiness, wondering, questioning, what-iffing until we go crazy. But in the end, it’s all about living life each moment of the day and enjoying it as if it were our last. Because it could be.

Appreciating what you have now generates you happiness in this moment and for the future. We can’t control the events in our lives, but we can control what we focus on. We can decide to focus on our dreams, our intentions, on the things that make us happy and consciously make changes in our lives to create as many happy moments as possible. Because like Jim Carrey says in my favourite speech of all times: “life doesn’t happen to you, it happens for you.”

You can decide to say yes to opportunities, to stop seeing people that drain your energy, to take the leap into the unknown and just trust the Universe that it will have your back. And in the end, things might go differently as planned, but you live and you learn. Or like Oprah always says: “you either win, or you learn – you never lose.”

say yes to life

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Seeing life this way has helped me enormously since I actually am an anxious, highly-sensitive, insecure woman who just happens to have big and bold dreams. It’s up to me to choose to focus on my doubts, my anxiety and my fears or I can choose to take these feelings with me while moving in the direction of my values; of what I truly care about. I can choose to be driven by dread or by my dreams. I consciously choose the latter.

I have always had a streak for the extreme like climbing trees, playing field hockey, riding horses, snowboarding, moving to Italy, getting piercings, dreadlocks, those kinds of things. I love the rush of the new, of pure excitement. These exciting things also usually involve huge risks, but they make me feel alive. I want to live fully, feel that I’m here and do everything I deeply desire. It’s a way of life that has gotten me to a place where I can proudly say: I can die a happy woman.

But for the first time in a long time I feel this isn’t true anymore. I’m not done yet. And I never actually meant to say that; that I was done, but I did feel I had known real happiness and if I died, I would’ve died happily. Now I feel my future pulling at me. The future with someone else. The future with more someone elses: my children.

When you meet the man of your life your desire for having children gets awakened, if that is what you truly desire – and I apparently do. Your desire to settle, to make a house into a home becomes a priority. And so next year will be about creating even more happiness, but in a very different way from how I’ve done so before.

It won’t be just about me, but about us. About what we want together, how we want to set up our life and what will make us happy.

It’s funny, really. In Berlin I launched my programme Rock Your Own World and during this past year it was a successful group programme as well. It was all about loving yourself, doing what you desire and really getting in touch with your own true self. It’s been a beautiful journey both for myself and and my clients, but now with the year and the group programme ending, it’s time to stop rocking just my own world. It’s time to open up my heart, my arms and my life and let in the man who has made me so happy I don’t want to die anymore. I want to live – with him and make more life – with him.

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I knew that this point would have come, when I wouldn’t see indulging in my own needs as my main focus anymore. I knew I would progress and learn to love so deeply that I would open up for others as well and see that sharing is really caring.

However, had I not first learned how to rock my own world, I’d never truly have been able to let my world be rocked by someone else. I wouldn’t have been able to let a king into my life had I not become a queen myself.

And so it all adds up. And it’s all part of the journey. The most important part is to dive in and to be willing to face whatever comes your way. Keep your eye on the prize, on what you truly desire and then go for it like your life depends on it – like my mentor Gina DeVee always says – because it does.

Go get your life and grab your happiness by the balls. It is time; tomorrow is already here.

Love & courage,

A very happy Sophie


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