I’m Happy I Got Anxiety Disorder

anxiety-disorder (2)
If I saw this title back when I still was stuck in anxiety disorder, I’d feel shocked. And I’d open the post and read it. And that’s why I named it so, because it’s the only way to reach women in a similar situation and share the following message of hope. Dear, dear precious, tiny […]
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My Five Favourite Spots in Florence

life-coach-florence (2)
Having lived in Florence since 2010, I know my way around here pretty well by now and I know what places manage to maintain a high standard throughout time. I’ve come to make a selection of places that I just know are always there when you need them; a good cup of coffee, a perfect […]
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Five Signs You’re Becoming a Little Too Italian

I’m afraid I’ve become a little too Italian after eight years of living in Florence, Italy. I’m Dutch and we’re known for being fun, yet cold, extremely practical and straightforward (read: blunt). Italians are known for being warm, creative (a positive way to describe disorganised) with a great sense for aesthetics (they like fare una […]
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