When Nature Calls; Why I’m Leaving Florence for the Tuscan Countryside

You know how they say: “when one door closes, another one opens”? That’s exactly what will happen for me by closing the door to my dream home in Florence and opening my heart for a life with my dream man in the Tuscan countryside.

In order to grow you must leave the old behind and make space for the new. You must be willing to let go what no longer serves you and surrender to what feels right for you now.

When my partner suggested to move to the countryside about eight months ago, I looked at him perplexed and said: “Are you crazy? Me, leaving Florence? Never!”

I was shocked. How could he think I was going to leave my beloved Florence; my all, my life, my mission. Me leaving Florence was just unthinkable.

dream life coach

Until I started thinking about it.

I started considering the direction I wanted to take my life into and what I really, truly deeply desired from life.

I want to start a family.

And I’ve always known that I didn’t want to raise my children in Florence. I mean, it’s a beautiful city, but I wouldn’t want to have them breathe the polluted air, to walk on the dirty, busy streets (imagine walking around with a stroller with all the holes in the pavement) and there is no green for them to play in.

I started looking at what I’m getting out of living in the city and ever since I’ve been with my partner I haven’t felt the need to go partying that much anymore, to hang out in my favourite square every night, to meet new people, to invest in my social life in Florence.

I have beautiful friends; I have few, but good ones, I have a wonderful partner, I have an amazing job, which I can do remotely and the truth is: I really recharge my batteries when I’m in nature.

It’s funny how my initial reaction was that I thought I’d never leave Florence and then by going over my life and my needs again, I saw how things had changed; how I had changed.

We can stay stuck in life, believing in our old stories, continuing to live our lives in ways we’ve always done just for the sake of it – because we think that that’s us. But actually, we constantly evolve; that’s natural law. And when you’re awake and willing to feel uncomfortable in order to get to the next level, then you’re really living life fully and are getting the most of it. And you’re making the most of yourself in the process.

I feel like a caterpillar that is ready to turn into a butterfly and spread her beautiful wings; life has come full circle here.

It’s no wonder then that I celebrated eight years in Florence on 01-08-18 – and am now leaving as well. The Universe has been showing me the infinity symbol all the time for the past months. It’s been urging me to surrender and step into this new life; this new life of mine, of ours.

I’ve lived together twice before, but it’s never felt like this. Back then it was what I figured I was supposed to do. Now it’s what I truly desire and feel it’s nature calling, in every sense of the word.

We’ll move to Mugello and we’ll live in a wonderful farmhouse to create our nest in. It feels like such an abundant gift from the Universe. It’s known all along what I desired and so she’s provided it for me; it’s truly awe inspiring.

isola felice

I feel bittersweet about leaving my dream home in Florence. I call it my dream home because I really manifested it from my dreams, from my imagination.

I remember that right before leaving for Berlin in August two years ago, thinking I was done with Florence for other reasons, I cried sitting in my favourite square Santo Spirito. I was confessing to my friend that actually, deep down all I wanted is to have a house in the square, which I could come home to after a fulfilling day of working with my clients and finding my man cooking a wonderful meal for us in the kitchen. It was such a heart-felt desire that it made me cry.

Six months later I moved into that home I dreamed of and six months after that I met my man. Some weeks later he was showing off his cooking skills in my kitchen.

I’ve been able to grow in this home. When I moved in I called it Casa Principessa, the Princess Home. Now, I call it Casa Regina, the Queen Home. These eighteen months in this beautiful, luxurious, chic home have allowed me to go to the next level and become a true Queen.

I’ve met clients here, done several courses, had my friends and family over and it’s where I’ve been to grow my relationship with my King. It’s allowed us to get to where we are now and I’m so infinitely grateful for this sacred space and what it’s given us.

coach-in-florence (2)

I thank you, home, I thank you for being there for me when I came home, for holding me and for providing the opportunity for us to grow into what we are now.

I’m ready for the next step and I can’t wait to see my beautiful wings as I sail on the winds blowing through the hills around my new home; our new home in the middle of nature.

Love & courage,


P.S. Just for the record, I’ll still be coming into town to help my clients flourish in Florence and do my meet ups for my fab Facebook group The YES Woman, but I just won’t be calling Florence my home anymore!


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Amazing and courageous news and decision Sophie!! Enjoy your new home!!!

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Thank you so much, bella! It’s literally paradise up here 😀 <3

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