Being Yourself Means Constant Change

We are human beings; we grow, we evolve, we change. And so, it’s very normal that when you’re dedicated to living your best life, you change ALL THE TIME.

Many people see change as something bad; as if you “don’t know what you want.”

I know exactly what I want. That’s why I change.

I’ve gone from dreaming of becoming an English teacher at secondary school in Holland to fulfilling my dream of teaching English in Italy. I’ve gone from teaching English in Italy to pursuing my passion for writing and becoming a collaborator for the biggest Dutch blog on Italy I’ve gone from being a writer to starting my studies all over again and deciding to become a life coach.

life coach florence

Happy in Florence

I’ve gone from living in Florence for six years to wanting to try out life in Berlin and returning to Florence after a month – and turning them into eight. I’ve gone from rediscovering Florence and going out every night to living on top of a hill in Tuscany, in the middle of nowhere, spending my nights in at home with my dog.

I change because I’m committed to fulfilling my dreams, all of them. Once I’ve fulfilled one, another one comes up. I’m devoted to my own well-being and happiness and therefore constantly ask myself:

“What do I want?”

I know myself. I know what my values are. I know what makes me happy. And so I live according to those desires.

It’s not easy – at all. It means taking risks, starting over again, dealing with the positive stress of change, facing unforeseen challenges and my family wondering what I’ve set my mind to this time round – and especially why.

I remember my mum saying: “Sophie, you’re going too fast. People can’t keep up.”

But I can. And that’s what counts.

And then when they see me, they see I’m happy – every time. They’ve stopped asking questions and they trust that I’ll be fine because they know I know myself and that, whatever I do, I’m always true to myself.

And that means change. Constant change.

Move-to-Tuscany (2)

Happy in my new habitat

It means listening to your heart and following its whispers. It means being true to your soul’s calling and going for it no matter what. It means feeling your way through the world and only stopping for what makes you feel good.

I can’t do life differently now. I’m addicted to the happiness change brings. I’m dedicated to being in perfect alignment with myself and my true desires. It takes a lot of work and looking myself in the eye, tuning in and being honest, but I can’t help it now. I must always true to myself, otherwise I’d perish.

I help my clients do the same and the result is strong, sensitive, fulfilled women who finally experience the freedom and aliveness they’ve been craving for.

If you’re interested in working with me, you can book a free discovery call here and we’ll find out how being true to yourself will allow you to live your best life too!

Love & courage,


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