How to Take the Leap

Taking the leap has allowed me to turn all my dreams into reality.
Moving to Italy, setting up my own business and going for the love of my life; they all scared the shit out of me and they all had a high risk factor.
What if it doesn’t work out?
What if I’m wrong about this feeling so right?
What if I fail and have to go back to my old life?
In the end, it all worked out because I dared to take the leap.
I knew that the only way to get to the other side was to fully go for it and don’t look back.
Once you leap, you leap.
And you always land – but you can only know that when you leap.

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Sounds like a catch, right? Well, it actually is how life works: if you want something, you want it because it’s not here yet. It’s new, it’s exciting, it makes you feel good and so you need to do something new in order to reach that new thing.
And new feels scary and uncomfortable and is especially anxiety inducing.
But old feels stagnant, depressing and downright boring.
You get to choose how you want to live life: leaping and trusting your own wings, or staying safe in what you’ve known for all your life to not be enough for you.
I was desperate to change my predicatble life in Holland for my dream life in Italy where I felt thrilled, alive and appreciated for who I was.
I was desperate to change my unfulfilling, draining job for my soul-filled mission in which I get to make a real difference in other people’s lives and feel truly fulfilled.
I was desperate to change my unsatisfying love life for the real, deep, sincere love that I’ve craved for my entire life.
This was all super scary and it was all super rewarding once I got there.
I just learned how to take the leap.
I learned how to get clarity on what wasn’t working in my life and how to figure out what I wanted instead;
I learned how to be my own best friend in this whole process so that I could lovingly support myself while venturing outs of my comfort zone;
I learned how to not let negative thoughts stop me anymore and how to see right through them;
I learned how to transform fear into my travel companion and to not let it block me anymore;
I learned how to get crystal clear on my dream and how to design into the tiniest detail so I knew what to aim for;
I learned how to attract what I wanted into my life by dissolving limiting beliefs and understanding the laws of the Universe;
I learned how to really believe in myself, muster up the courage and just take the leap – because I knew I’d be able to build my wings on the way down.

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Learning all of the above has allowed me to step into my dream life in which I live in the country I love, I do what truly fulfills me and I am with the man I want to spend the rest of my life with.
I feel happy, fulfilled and extremely grateful for all that I’ve been able to create for myself. I feel proud of myself because I’m really living my best life which I won’t have any regrets about in the end
Helping my clients get to this place too really lights me up; it just feels so good when I get a message that says: “I did it!” and I’ll know what she’s talking about because it’s what she’s wanted for so long.
Whether it’s teaching yoga in Bali, photographing families in Dutch tulip fields, starting a self-help book, launching a spiritual blog, moving to Florence, or setting up her own coaching business; all my clients’ dreams are valid – and totally possible – and so are yours.
I would love to hear what your big dream is and what you feel is standing in your way towards making it happen.
Very often it’s fear, self-doubt and just not really knowing where to start. I know how it feels because I’ve been there too every time before taking yet another leap.
I’ve turned this challenge into my specialty though and have collected all the techniques, exercises and insights that have turned me into a leap-taking expert into one beautiful online coaching programme called Take the Leap.

It helps you:
– get clarity on what it is you truly want so you know what to aim for (and not keep circling in: “what do I actually want?”);
– how to love yourself and make sure you choose what’s best for you (and not feel guilty or worried about what others may think);
– how to effectively deal with negative throughts so they won’t keep you stuck anymore (and sabotage your happiness AGAIN);
– how to take fear with you on your journey so it actually doesn’t have to be gone before you leap (BIG ONE!);
– how to make a practical plan to turn your dream into reality and not just let it stay a dream you’ll get to one day (that day will never come, you decide that it is TODAY);
– how to manifest what you desire and co-create your dream with the Universe (super powerful when you really get it!);
– get the courage to just GO FOR IT and feel so driven you cannot but take the leap (you’ll feel so excited you’ll be on FIRE!)
All these seven steps are available to you in my signature programme Take the Leap. It’s an online DIY programme and it comes with 30 minutes of 1:1 time with me to get some extra support to get that momentum going so that you’ll feel truly unstoppable and will definitely take your leap.
You can find the link here (if you get it within 3 days you get it at 50% off!)
Looking forward to helping you take your leap and create a life you’ll have no regrets about at all!
Love & courage,
Sophie ????

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