How This Bird of Paradise Learned to Show Her True Colours

This story my client shared with me is just mind-blowing and makes me feel SO proud ????????????.

I am super grateful and excited to be able to share it with you here in the hope that it will inspire to show your true colours as well!

“During our journey in this program I was searching for my true self.

I had made a vision board where I wanted to learn to show my true colors.

I felt like I was a bird of paradise inside an egg with little cracks in a thick brown leather-like shell. Through the small cracks there was a bright light shining, like sparkles and rainbow colors. But how could that egg be opened?

Sophie asked me once: “Who is the real You?”

I wasn’t really sure what the true Me really was. I thought it would be a happy enthusiastic person and it bothered me that I couldn’t be that Me in my current job.

I learned very much about myself during this year and the program, the egg opened little by little…

I started my own coaching business, was trying to find out which way I had to go, what my path was in life. Did I have to say goodbye to my profession? How could I make a living from coaching?

Sophie asked me: “What if you did both?”

In August I thought: What kind of job could I find where I could combine my passion for coaching with my background?

In another organisation, they wanted a team manager, specifically to coach a team in the field I was specialised in. I applied without having any managing experience, was invited to the first round, got 2 interviews and was very enthusiastic and happy during the first interview.

But during the second interview I had doubts about whether I was good enough. What if they think I am being over-enthusiastic? “Be quiet and not so expressive!” (obviously those were my old paradigms)

The next day I got a phone call:

“You made it through to the second round of interviews BUT you have to convince the interviewers that you are the one we are looking for. You were too quiet and tame in the second interview.”

I was like:

“What??? They want me for ME!!! I can be my enthusiastic, spontaneous Me, I can be myself, shine my true colors!”

It scared me to death that I was suddenly allowed to be enthusiastic and expressive instead of being put down and being told to be quiet and not to stand out.

But then I realised that this was really true.

They wanted me for Me. I didn’t have to keep it inside, keep the lid on, didn’t have to be quiet.

So, I went to the second round of interviews the week after. I was shining my true colors. It felt great! I was so very happy.

That evening I received a phone call that I got the job. They had unanimously chosen me out of 6 other candidates.

So now I am really going to leave my old job, my old life, where I felt that I couldn’t be myself, where I worked for almost 25 years. I no longer fit there. It is the closure of an era. It is shedding the remains of my old life and a gateway to my new life.

A life I created myself: A life where I can be myself, I can use my skills in both my background and my coaching skills.

I have definitely grown over the past year.

My bird of paradise is flying now. I am receiving now. I can’t wait to see what is next…


Thank you Sophie, for being my life coach and asking the right questions!

I am also grateful for all the things I learned at my old job. All the nice and all the hard things that I’ve experienced. I am leaving not out of discontent, but because I have outgrown my old job and it is time for me to move on.

Most of all I am grateful to myself for taking the step to invest in my personal growth. I allowed myself to grow. I realised I was worth it and still am. I am a bird of paradise and it’s time to show that to the world.

Thank you all for reading this long story. Sending everyone very much love and energy.”

I mean, that’s just awesome, right? Such an honour to have helped her turn into the colourful, beautiful Woman she truly is! ????????????

Curious to know what programme she’s talking about?

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Big, big hug,

Sophie ????

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