Dive in Deep & Get Ready to Take the Leap

In this VIP Intensive Coaching Package you get all the time & space to dive deeply into one of the six steps of my unique coaching programme Take the Leap. Sometimes we need to zoom in on some of our blocks, challenges or struggles in order to free up the space for new energy and fresh courage. This is where you go deep, find gold and come back up more powerful than ever!

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dive in deep - come back up - take the leap

These are the six steps that allow you to Take the Leap

Step 1: Status Quo Session
Get Clarity Through Honesty

Step 2: Meet Your New Bff: YOU
Make Your Happiness Happen by Choosing Yourself

Step 3: Not Minding the Mind
Take Some Distance from Your Mind’s Rambling & Set Yourself Free

Step 4: Feel Your Fear
Let Go of Your Fear by Letting It in

Step 5: Design Your Dream
Dive into the Dirty Details of Your Own Dream

Step 6: Take the Leap
Trust Your Gut and Finally Do It

These are all the steps that have gotten me where I am now: feeling extremely fulfilled by doing what I love and living the life of my dreams. I’m so excited to be able to help you do the same!

Go for step 1

• if you want to get a clearer idea of what it is you really want
• if you feel stuck in your current situation
• if you want to know what you need to let go of in order to move forward
• if you are you ready to look yourself in the eye and get really honest about what you need to do next

Go for step 2

• if you feel like you are your own worst enemy and put yourself down at every occasion you get
• if you see that the only getting in your way is you
• if you want to learn how to be more self-compassionate and be your own cheearleader
• if you have a hard time putting yourself first

Go for step 3

• if you feel your mind has a power over you that you can't escape from
• if you spend your time fretting over 'what if...?' and get stuck in that same old loop
• if you get lost in thought and find yourself missing out on life
• if you feel tired of fighting your own thoughts and just want to live

Go for step 4

• if you feel like fear blocks you from moving forward
• if you wish you could just get rid of fear and finally make stuff happen
• if you feel sick & tired of carrying around that gripping anxiety every where you go
• if you see fear as THE reason for not being able to take the leap towards your dream

Go for step 5

• if you have an idea of what your dream looks like, but need more clarity
• if you want to see what your dream entails and get practical
• if you be as prepared as you can possibly be before taking the leap
• if you feel that you need a clearer picture in order to fully go for it

Go for step 6

• if you know what you want, but have a hard time trusting your gut
• if you just need a bit more confidence in order to jump in completely
• if you feel like going for it, but want to do a last double check
• if you want to be able to trust your intuition in order to take the leap confidently

which step suits your needs best?

Each step contains:

• 6 one-to-one sessions (75 mins each)
• tools to reach your specific goal & make it happen
• time & space to reflect on your personal process and gain insight
• helpful guidance on your way down
• valuable support on your way back up
• powerful questions that raise your awareness, understanding and responsibility
• the right preparation to move your life to the next level
• full attention for your own personal needs & challenges
• support by mail so that you won't feel left to your own devices
• resources, exercises, tips & tricks that will help you develop your own personal skills
• the right mindset to move forward towards your personal dream & take the leap!

investment level

The investment level is usually one payment in full of € 2000, but if you go for it now you'll get a € 500 discount and you'll only pay € 1500!

change is possible & this is how to make it happen

meet your coach

Hey there, I’m Sophie and I managed to move from fear to freedom by following my own dream: moving to Italy and setting up my own global life-coaching business, helping women take the leap. My life is all about contributing meaningfully, making a difference, inspiring others and touching hearts. I’m living my dream and I would love to help you do the same. If I can do it, you can do it!

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