My gift to you: the first chapter of The YES Woman Manifesto!

I've written this book for YOU: a highly-sensitive, deeply-driven woman with a big heart and bold dreams who is ready to live life in alignment with her true self. You're done living life according to other people's rules, you're fed up with fitting in a mold you were never supposed to fit in and you no longer want to be doing what everybody else is doing. You just want to be free to be yourself and unapologetically live out every aspect of your unique being. You are a YES Woman to be and this is the first step to uncovering that woman you truly are. That woman who feels fully in alignment with herself, fulfilled by what she does and totally in love with her life because she's learnt how do life HER way. Let's find out what that means to you in the first chapter of The YES Woman Manifesto: Being Your True Self!


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Start saying YES to YOU and you dreams

Ciao bella!

I'm Sophie Charlotte and I help wonderful women like yourself say YES to themselves and their dreams. I've cured myself from anxiety disorder by following my dream of moving to Florence and I've flourished ever since! In the first chapter of my book I share my story of how not listening to my own needs actually caused the anxiety disorder. It was a blessing in disguise because it forced me to learn to really listen to myself, how to take care of my own needs and create a life in alignment with my true self. It's turned my life around completely!

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