Coaching with horses

Horses are highly sensitive animals; I am a highly sensitive person - and you probably are too, since you've found me! In my horse-assisted coaching sessions, I allow the horses to do the talking. They mirror back to you what you are sending out, both consciously and subconsciously. They read you like no other, since they're prey animals, and what they find, they immediately feed back to you in the most authentic, non-judgmental way. And that's how you can gently connect with your wounds, meet your resistance and find out what lessons you still need to learn in order to grow into your best self. Horses show you exactly where you are and their lessons are profoundly life-changing.

horses see who you truly are and gently reflect that back to you

Ciao bella!

My name is Sophie Charlotte, I'm Dutch and I live in the Tuscan countryside with my Italian man, our two dogs Numa & Kobe and our three horses Mora, Timo & Ringo.
I'm passionate about what I do: helping my clients align with their true self, so they can live in complete freedom and find deep fulfilment.
When I am with horses, all else falls away. I can be myself and don't worry about anything. Their deep spiritual connection touches me at my core, their sensitivity is totally disarming and their rooted presence reminds me to stay in the here and now and just be.
Helping my clients find their truth with the help of these gracious animals is a true gift from God and I'm eternally grateful for receiving this soul mission.
In this photo you see me with the first horse I've ever experienced a horse coaching session with and it truly blew me away! I hope to be able to offer you the same with the help of my beautiful horses!

Coaching con i Cavalli

Let's see if horse coaching could be your thing

Do you...

• feel stuck in life and just keep repeating the same patterns?
• feel you're doing everything you're 'supposed' to do, but don't feel fulfilled?
• currently live a life that isn't as exciting as you would like it to be?
• want to find a way to turn your situation around, but don't really know how?


• do others tell you you're crazy for wanting to pursue your big dreams and to just get a secure job/house/marriage?
• are you afraid you don’t really have what it takes and just keep spinning around in 'but what if I mess up'?
• do you worry others will say: 'I told you so' and that you will feel like a total failure?


• do you just know deep down that a different life is possible for you?
• are you done wondering 'what if...?'
• can you not stand the idea that in a year from now you'll still feel the same way?
• do you want to see what's holding you back, release limiting beliefs and create a life that is in full alignment with YOU?

then I am sure that horse coaching will be life-changing for you

Sophie Charlotte Equi Coach

This is what happens in a horse coaching session

• Before our session, you'll fill out a questionnaire that will help the both of us prepare for our session and see what you'd like to uncover with the help of the horses.
• We'll have a time frame of one hour in which the horses work their magic and I help you understand what they're showing you. The session can last ten minutes, or an entire hour: it all depends on what happens there and then!
• A post-session check-in moment via mail or Messenger in which you share what has come up for you in the days after our session and my feedback on it to deepen your understanding.
• The sessions are never the same because the horses simply work with what they sense in your energy field at the present moment; this is why there's no structure, or one-size-fits-all approach - this is simply precious time for you and your healing!

Mora horse coach

Meet Mora

Mora is fiercely feminine, impressively tall and extremely direct. She knows what she wants and isn't afraid to show it. She has this beautiful heart-opening energy about her and helps you connect to your core: to your truth. She has no problem setting, or showing any boundaries and is at the same time very willing to work with you, as long as you're fully present with her. She is 10 years old and a proud mamma of three. Her two sons, Timo & Ringo, are with us too and they're both very interesting characters!

Timo horse coaching

Meet Timo

Timo brims with energy, is terribly sweet and also very, very cheeky. He loves scratchies and is a true momma's boy being a young colt of not even six months old. He has a tenderness about him that allows you to open your heart straight away and dive in deep. He is very sensitive and turns out to be quite the therapy horse!

Ringo & me

Meet Ringo

Ringo is extremely sensitive and has a deep spiritual connection, which allows him to bring messages from the other world to ours. His masculine, yet disarming presence allows you to feel safe and open up. He is very welcoming, inquisitive and loves to play being a colt of one and a half years old. I decided to add him to my herd since he was sadly destined for the slaughterhouse. He is a truly gifted horse and allowing him to continue his soul mission on earth is a true honour - and a pleasure of course!



equus una vita che cambia

I've done my horse coaching training with my Maestra Daya Eliana Rota who developed the equi coaching method Equus: una vita che cambia® - a life that changes. I am deeply grateful for her guidance, her teachings and for helping me say YES to this soul calling called horse coaching. Grazie, Maestra!


testimonial equicoach2


I carry my experience with the horses in my heart! I felt welcomed, my feelings and emotions came up naturally and my deepest, most intimate self felt safe to show itself. The moments of silence, the sensations of being in nature and in the 'here and now' were truly beautiful. Sophie was a guide, a provider of safety and of connection. A magical moment that I recommend to try out for yourself.



The horse coaching session was really surprising to me – and magical.
I needed to gain clarity on some choices and decisions and I wanted this clarity to come from the heart.
Entering the field with Sophie and the horses was very powerful right from the beginning: simply opening the gate felt like a sacred and profound act and when the first horse came to welcome me, I felt my heart’s energy turn on fire.
I felt gently, yet very clearly guided by Sophie when exploring my issues at heart. Her questions together with the movements of the horses, which reflected back to me what was happening inside of me without any filters, allowed me to see and feel where I am, what I truly need and where my inner blocks are.
In a little over an hour, I saw my past and future dance in front of me, showing me a different and more profound vision of what’s happening in my present, of what kinds of energies are active and what direction I want to go in.
Even until some days after having left the field, I still felt the alchemy that had been set off by Sophie and the horses continue to work its magic, resonating deeply and opening me up to even more insights.
I can’t wait to go back and do another horse coaching session!

practical information

How do I book my first horse coaching session?

Very simple! You just click on the button below and purchase your session! You'll receive an e-mail with a link to book it and we'll set it up. You can choose to come here by car, or I'll pick you up at the station of Borgo San Lorenzo. This shuttle service comes at an extra cost of 25 euros.

What if I'm not in Tuscany?

You can also choose to do your session online, if you can't come here physically. You might feel skeptical about whether the effect is the same, but I can assure you that it truly is! Energy is energy and they sense your presence, even if you're connected through a device on the other side of the world. Seeing is believing!

the investment level

First session: € 299

payment method

The buttons below lead to a credit card payment system; if you live in Europe, please contact me at and I'll send you my IBAN to make a bank transfer.

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looking forward to working with you and my horses!