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This exclusive group programme is meant for women with big & bold dreams, who want to get out of their own way and step into their own feminine power, so that they can stand strong, live out their purpose full out and fabulously and rock their own world.

rock star coach
put yourself first - embrace your authenticity - become naturally confident

Do you...

• wish you would care less about what others think?
• ache to be free, depend on yourself and dare to choose what's best for you?
• want to grow your own wings and set the sky as your only limit?


• do others tell you to get a grip & do you tell yourself to lay low?
• are you afraid you don’t really have what it takes?
• are you afraid you will change too much and people will leave you?


• do you just want to be f*cking free?
• are you done playing small, constantly taking others into account?
• do you know that the only person blocking you from your greatness is yourself?

then this is where you become that wonder woman you really are
Prepare to get challenged out of your comfort zone & changed into the new unstoppable you

Hey fabulous!

I'm Sophie and I'll be your coach in this amazing journey towards your greatness! I can't wait to help you see your beauty, your worth & unlock that feminine power inside of you. I've turned myself into a power babe by moving countries, setting up my coaching business and continuing to challenge myself towards greatness every day. Freedom is on the other side of fear and that is exactly where we're gonna go together. To a life full of fireworks!


What the members say

“I’m pleased to say I joined Sophie’s Rock Your Own World group this year. I have already learned so much about myself, through Sophie’s weekly challenges, daily posts and live sessions. I recently started up my own personal shopping business in Florence, which is very exciting but at the same time very challenging and overwhelming at times. It’s so nice to know I have the support of the other women in this group and Sophie’s professional guidance to keep me on track. I believe we can achieve things faster in groups, especially this fabulous group! I’m happy I took the leap to join, I’m looking forward to seeing what the rest of the year will bring out in me. A huge thank you Sophie for keeping me motivated and empowered to live my fullest life! Cheers Meagan”


This is what you'll get by signing up

• Exclusive access to the Rock Your Own World community Facebook group
• A year long of continued group coaching that will keep you on track towards your greatness
• Inspirational posts, quotes, book tips & videos that will help you embrace who you really are and discover the power within you
• Weekly challenges that will help you move out of your comfort zone and change you into the wonder woman you really are

Live calls

• A monthly 90-minute live group call in which you'll get exclusive tips & tricks about how to rock your own world
• Q&A time at the end of each call in which you'll get coaching on your personal challenges and overcome your blocks

Community & Connection

• A safe group of like-minded women that all go through the same experiences and will support you on your way up
• The occasion to create life-long friendship with fabulous females like yourself
• Guidance, a sense of belonging and support towards the best version of yourself: YOU!

Monthly Themes

• Monthly themes that tap into the different aspects of rocking your own world like finding & living out your purpose, creating healthy relationships, saying no gracefully, and many more!


• Jump in now so that you're on time to join the December challenge 'How to Love Yourself' in which you'll learn to finally... love yourself! Once you see how powerful loving yourself is, you will never go back feeling not enough, insecure or less than. We'll deal with self-doubt, how to get out of your own way and step into your own power by truly loving and accepting yourself. You will become UNSTOPPABLE once you own your awesome and just see how incredibly powerful you really are.


• I'll share all my tips & tricks on how I managed to set myself free from self-doubt and how I got out of anxiety disorder by loving myself. I'll teach you how to stop self-sabotaging, how to create a close relationship with yourself and to finally feel at ease with yourself. • You can expect fun and challenging exercises, deep questions, inspirational books and of course your live training with Q&A time! • You'll feel much more confident being the beautiful power babe that you really are, you'll feel in love with yourself and you'll be able to unlock your unique super powers and stop feeling different, wrong or not good enough. Time to LOVE YOU for YOU.


Ready to Rock Your Own World?

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