be your awesome self, live your life fully & die a happy woman

Ready to finally get the confidence to just be your authentic self, to find the courage to do what you truly believe in and to start making a real difference in your own and other people's lives?!



Learn to love yourself, believe in yourself & set yourself free

Hey power babe!

I'm Sophie Charlotte and I'm proud to say that I truly dare to be myself and live life on my terms. I live in my dream house in Florence, Italy, I get to travel the world and I do what sets my soul on fire: I coach women towards their own greatness (very often from the comfort of my own garden!) My life didn't use to look like this some years ago though. I actually suffered from anxiety disorder, was stuck in my mind worrying and gripped by fear, feeling insecure and worth less than everybody else around me...


I actually felt I needed other people's approval to feel good about myself...

Maybe you can relate.

If so, I have some questions for you:

Do you...

• feel so tired because you're always worrying about what others think?
• think you know what others need and cater to them first - which leaves you annoyed and depleted of energy?
• live a life that isn't really yours and feel 'bleh' and totally stuck in it?
• have big dreams & desires that keep you up at night, but don't dare go for them?


• do others tell you you're crazy for your big dreams (and do you secretly wonder if you actually are)?
• are you afraid you don’t really have what it takes and just keep spinning around in self-doubt?
• do you think people will see you as arrogant and selfish if you put yourself & your dreams first?


• do you just want to be f*cking free and live YOUR life?
• are you done playing small, constantly taking others into account?
• do you finally want to be able to confidently go for what you want so you can die a happy woman without any regrets?
• are you ready to be your awesome self and just do whatever the hell YOU want?

then i'm happy to say we've crossed paths, my dear



do you now go: 'Yeah, that's easy for you to say... you look like a frikkin' rock star!'

Well, let me tell you, I was anything but a rock star

Deep down inside I knew I was one, but I never dared to own it. Because that would mean I was too much, a show off and arrogant - or so I thought. I have learnt to see that by being myself and by really putting myself out there I actually contribute to other people's lives. By being a women empowerment coach, by getting on stage and sharing my story and by organising my monthly Power Babe Tribe meet ups, I am an inspiration to others. Had I not worked through all of my own sh*t, my insecurities and low self-worth issues I'd still be teaching in a small town in Holland being with a guy that didn't light up my world in any sense. I'd be stuck in my anxiety disorder, taking anti-depressants to get through the day, looking at life and not living it. But that wasn't good enough for me.

and so I learnt how to be true to myself

I learnt how to get in touch with what I actually wanted

I saw that by being myself I actually make a difference. I've turned my greatest weakness, fear, into my strength. And now I have it for breakfast and actually see how it allows me to live my biggest life. I worked with my own coach, studied how to become one and am constantly learning how to improve myself and how I can be of better service to others. I can say I live my life fully because I take full responsibility for living it. I know what works and I know what doesn't work in becoming more self-confident, choosing what kind of people you want to hang out with, what you actually want to do and how to follow your soul's calling. I've been there and I've done it - and am rocking it out pretty badly. And, trust me, if I can do it, you can do it.


Yes, absolutely! Just imagine for a moment that you...

felt truly at ease with yourself and owned all of it. Were that woman who naturally lights up the room with her powerful presence. Stood so strong that nothing or nobody would unsettle you any longer. Were able to easily say no to bullshit and only say yes to things that set your soul on fire. Were able to confidently put your own happiness first. Were independent of your circumstances and felt strong wherever, whenever, with whomever. Took up your space with ease. Knew how to set clear boundaries and said no without feeling guilty. Learnt how to approach a guy with calm confidence and got approached by men of your level. Were the solid base that you can fall back on. Lived a life you are proud of, felt fulfilled and truly happy with yourself. Now, that would be pretty frikkin' amazing, wouldn't it? Well, let me show you how to get there.



Photo: Ryan McGuire


This is what you'll find in my kick ass programme

• 3 months of 12 weekly one-to-one coaching sessions
• 75 minutes each
• Unlimited access to my unique, digital six-step programme Take the Leap that will teach you to confidently choose yourself & chase your dreams.
• A year long membership of my group programme Rock Your Own World for ongoing support, challenges to get out of your comfort zone and community with other power babes like yourself.

This means:

• Tailor-made guidance to develop natural self-confidence beyond measure.
• Valuable feedback that will help you see the truth, cut the crap & go for greatness.
• Tools to recognise self-sabotage and turn your potential into power.
• Techniques to help you own your worth wherever, whenever, with whomever.
• Awareness generation that will shift your energy and allow you to attract healthy relationships and abundance into your life.
• Mindset training that will allow you to stand so strong that you’ll stop feeling completely thrown off in unsettling situations.
• Clarity on what is blocking you & how to set yourself free.
•Recognising the limiting beliefs and the voices in your head that want to keep you small & learning how to deal with them efficiently.


Ready to Rock Your Own World?

Ready to reach the core and transform it into a solid ground from which you lift yourself up to unmeasurable heights? Ready to grow your own wings and fly so high you didn't even know it was possible? Ready to get intensive coaching, be held accountable, take your own responsibility, stick to a no bullshit policy, do the work & get the results? It's as simple - or as hard - as that. It's your choice. I know it's possible for you.

Now it's your turn to believe in yourself & allow yourself your own greatness!



Wow, it is so incredibly powerful to be able to follow my heart and to believe in myself!

‘I started working with Sophie when I decided to follow my heart’s desire of moving to Florence, Italy last year. She helped me gain insight in what I needed to be able to really take this step. Sophie especially helped me look at my own strenghths and how to (dare to) trust them instead of making mountains out of mole hills. I quit my job, sold my house and my car and the fear that I expected to feel when taking these steps never showed up. Wow, it is so incredibly powerful to be able to follow my heart and to believe in myself! And now I’ve been living in Florence for a year already. I live so much more from my heart and feel that I can set up my life here. When I have moments of doubt or fear, I think back of my sessions with Sophie and tap into my own strengths and regain that feeling that I know I can do it! Grazie mille, Sophie!!!’ – Anneke


this is how it works:

The investment level is either a single payment of € 2000 - or 3 instalments of € 750 each. This will get you twelve one-to-one life-changing sessions with me and the amazing bonuses my Take the Leap programme (value € 499) and a 2017 membership to my group programme (value € 250). Remember: action generates clarity. So just finally choose yourself and jump in now - and start rocking your own world right away! You CAN do this!