Inspiration & empowerment

Sophie Charlotte is available for speaking engagements in which she shares her story of how exactly she managed to overcome anxiety disorder by following her dream. Her inspirational story will empower and motivate other women to choose themselves and chase their dreams as well. Besides her talk, she'll provide techniques, coaching and a safe atmosphere in which exchange and encouragement are welcomed. Her motto: 'if I can do it, you can do it' is the thread that runs through the entire speaking engagement or workshop. She aims to lead by example and thereby inspires greatness in others.

Sophie's style

Sophie is very authentic, direct and funny in her speeches and workshops. She manages to create an informal atmosphere in which the audience feels engaged and at ease. Humour, true stories and inspirational thoughts are mixed together with hands-on techniques, proven theory and no-nonsense activities. Mindfulness, Acceptance & Commitment Training and coaching form the basis of her theoretical background and her life, in which she challenges herself on a daily basis, provides her practical background. Speeches and workshops can be done in companies, organizations, clubs, etc. - as long as people are willing to stretch themselves and get out of their comfort zones. Languages spoken: English, Dutch, Italian. Get in touch for more information.