Dare To Be Ugly – It’s Beautiful

In this vlog I’m not wearing any make up and I have bags under my eyes due to lack of sleep. To be honest, it’s pretty scary to put it out there, but I felt I needed to because I want to invite you to embrace your so-called ugliness, in other words, your uniqueness and […]
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The Value of Being You

‘Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.’ This quote inspired me to shoot this little video and to ask you to reflect on what the value of being you actually is. Enjoy!
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How to Be Your Own Best Friend Forever in 7 Steps

How-to-Be-Your-Own-BFF-in7-Steps (7)
Like some of you might know, I’m writing a book about my experiences of trying to become my own best friend forever – my own BFF. Why? Because I strongly believe that the relationship we have with ourselves greatly, if not totally, influences our happiness & well-being. This is because it helps us become much […]
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