If you've been dreaming of moving to Florence because this beautiful place makes you feel fully alive and allows you to be your true self then this is for you!

take the leap to Florence

dare to turn your long-nurtured dream into reality

Hey fabulous!

Great to meet you! I'm Sophie Charlotte and I've been able to call Florence my home since 2010. I'm a life coach and I help women find the courage to take the leap to Florence and finally make their long-nurtrured dream come true. I know what it's like to throw your life around, leave everything you know behind and start afresh in that city that you've had in your heart ever since you first set foot on Florentine soil... (Yep, the prosecco definitely helps 😉 )

fear freedom

and you know what?

by following my dream of moving to florence

i've even set myself free from anxiety disorder...

Let's see if we're anything alike

Do you...

• feel crazy in love with Florence (and feel a little weird for it?)
• just know you're meant to be here because it makes you feel alive?
• currently live a life that isn't really yours and feel 'bleh' and totally stuck in it?
• want to move here, but don't really know how?


• do others tell you you're crazy for wanting to move to Italy (and do you secretly wonder if you actually are)?
• are you afraid you don’t really have what it takes and just keep spinning around in 'but what if I mess up'?
• do you think you will disappoint others if you put yourself & your Florentine dream first?


• do you just want to feel free to live your life?
• are you done putting other people's expectations of you first?
• can you not not do this and can't stand the thought of asking yourself one day 'what if I had?'
• Do you want to make this happen no matter what?

i'm overjoyed to share how I can help you make your dream come true

take the leap to Florence

This is what you'll find in my unique programme

• 6 one-to-one coaching sessions of 75 minutes each to tap into your questions, to overcome your challenges and to make a practical plan for your move to Florence
• Unlimited access to my unique, digital six-step programme Take the Leap that will teach you to confidently choose yourself, chase your dreams and deal with the fear and self-doubt that come up while taking the leap
• 2 hours' worth of e-mail access for practical questions, tips, tricks, useful links and valuable connections with my local network to get your Florentine life off to a great start both socially and professionally speaking
• Practical help with the logistics like visa, housing, Italian lessons, setting up your social and professional network, how-to and where-to when in Florence tips; basically everything you need to start up your new life in Florence!


Wow, it is so incredibly powerful to be able to follow my heart and to believe in myself!

‘I started working with Sophie when I decided to follow my heart’s desire of moving to Florence, Italy last year. She helped me gain insight in what I needed to be able to really take this step. Sophie especially helped me look at my own strenghths and how to (dare to) trust them instead of making mountains out of mole hills. I quit my job, sold my house and my car and the fear that I expected to feel when taking these steps never showed up. Wow, it is so incredibly powerful to be able to follow my heart and to believe in myself! And now I’ve been living in Florence for a year already. I live so much more from my heart and feel that I can set up my life here. When I have moments of doubt or fear, I think back of my sessions with Sophie and tap into my own strengths and regain that feeling that I know I can do it! Grazie mille, Sophie!!!’ – Anneke


When I was doubting whether or not I could take the leap, my Skype calls with her helped me find my confidence.

'Sophie truly made my transition to Florence from the USA so much easier than it would have been navigating everything on my own. When I was doubting whether or not I could take the leap, my Skype calls with her helped me find my confidence. Through her, I met women on a similar path, moving to Florence on their own and made close friends who I probably would not have met otherwise. I truly cannot thank Sophie enough for how much she helped me make my dream to live in Florence come true. Her energy and passion are infectious and will help anyone who wants to make living in Florence a reality.' - Liz, USA

ready to take your leap to florence?

the investment level is one payment of € 2500