Terms & Conditions


When purchasing a 1:1 coaching programme, the online contract and coaching agreement apply and will be signed by the Coachee before the coaching.
When purchasing an online programme, retreat, event, single session, or group programme the following terms and conditions apply:
  • Once the payment has been made no refunds will be given at any time under any circumstance.
  • Payment plans must be honoured and completed, even when the Coachee decides to stop participating in the programme before completion of the programme.
  • If the Coachee wants to cancel their attendance at any time that is their decision and no refund will be given in any case. The Coach may decide to transform the investment made into coaching time. This is purely done on discretion of the Coach.
  • The retreat, event, session or programme will be attended or used within the time stated.
  • Single Sessions will need to be scheduled and used within a year of purchase.
  • Personal or professional information shared within the retreat, event, session or group programme will not be shared with third parties by the Coach or Coachee.
  • The Coach has the right to deny access to the retreat, event, session or programme if she feels the need to to maintain the safety of all people involved.

Thank you, and looking forward to working together.