It is the best decision I have made in my entire life

I was looking online while researching becoming a life coach. I had been through this before with many other ideas and creative dreams, none of which had amounted to anything more than chit chat.

This time was different because I met Sophie.

When I spoke to her I instantly felt a connection l. It was as though the universe was calling me through her. The words she spoke were the words I was hearing myself speak, only at that point I hadn’t the courage to say it to myself. I knew it was for me and so I committed.

At the beginning me committing was a total mess. Between feeling like I didn’t have time, and being a stressful mess I stumbled into our meeting totally out of alignment and in a big confused mess. Sophie saw that within 2 seconds of our video call. Not only that, but she bravely called me out on it. She asked questions that left me no more space to run away from what I was trying to hide from – myself.

She gently led me back to myself and helped me remember exactly who I am and how beautiful I am.

Her no bullshit method meant that I had to take notice of me.

In less than 3 sessions, my life has gone from confused, disorganised and fear based to light, easy and bursting with love. I am myself and I am moving towards my dreams step by step with Sophie at my side gently reminding me how wonderful I am and that the universe wants this too.

I thank the universe daily for Sophie coming into my life and I cannot put into words how incredible The YES Woman Programme is.

It is the best decision I have made in my entire life and I feel honoured to share this message with you in the hope that it will inspire you to say Yes too.’

– Zoe Louise Goddard

She has the ability to sense what is behind the words of her clients

Sophie Charlotte was my Coach when I started my consulting business Melanova Fusion. From the very first steps till the reality I live in now: Being a successful business owner. And I tell you one thing. I am so glad that I had her during this life changing time. She helped me to see my capacity, my spirit and fond dreams – and most important – that I was capable realizing them! What made her the perfect match for me? She has the ability to sense what is behind the words of her clients. She can see the best in you and acts as a mirror to make you see it too. There are no lies, no holding back, but truth. As she had already gone through the whole process of setting up a business, of becoming a successful coach and leader, she knew about the self-doubt, about anxiety, about not giving herself the value she actually deserved. As this was exactly how I felt too, it made me align with her and overcome these barriers.

This was two years ago. Today, I can proudly say that I have set up my own consulting business for nonprofit organizations. Was it easy? No, it wasn’t. I had to believe over and over again in myself and in my capacity and professionalism (and keep on doing that). Sophie accompanied me in these moments I was struggling and helped me to trust in my instincts and senses to walk my very own beautiful and sometimes rocky path. I am still on it and I assume Sophie also over and over again. But there is nothing wrong with that. It keeps us grow into the beautiful and sensitive women we are. I am very thankful to Sophie that she lets us see her true self. Over and over again. Because that allows us to show our own true self too. Thank you Sophie for your authentic, your courageous and your very true self. You rock it and keep on rocking it.

– Melanie Troxler

business consultant

I feel I have finally found myself

Before I met Sophie I was this logical creature with an immense desire to CONTROL everything and everyone around her. I can only say, with a big ass smile on my face; that has changed. OH YES IT DID! During the coaching sessions and her programs Sophie has showed me how magical life actually can be. She guided me into a whole new world I didn’t know existed. She introduced me for example to the law of attraction and epic authors that have changed my life thus far incredibly. I went from depression to becoming a high value woman of 35 who finally knows what SHE wants in life, and more importantly, knows how to get it and at the same time is aware that she deserves every bit of it. I have learned many things from Sophie that I will take with me forever on my Italian journey. From the bottom of my heart; Grazie mille per tutto! I feel I have finally found myself.’

– Floor op den Akker

Working with Sophie has changed my life

‘I know this will sound cliché but please hear me out. Working with Sophie has changed my life.

I came to her as a girl who had this nagging feeling inside that I was not living up to my full potential. I made Pinterest boards about living out loud, I watched Oprah’s Supersoul Sunday, and listened to podcasts about creating the life you want to live. But there came a point where I became very uncomfortable going into my 9-5 just to come home and sit on the couch, watching Netflix. What was holding me back? I had no idea.

That is when Sophie stepped in. I joined her Women’s Meet Up at Sei Divino and in that magical space that she created, I found myself speaking with all the confidence I only dreamed of having. I left that wine bar buzzing. I had no idea what happened that night but something within me had been activated. I had a hunch that I was being nudged to work with Sophie to figure out what exactly was blocking me. What I now realize is that this was my authentic self shouting “YES! This is what I have been waiting for!”.

Sophie has an uncanny ability to see through the stories we all tell ourselves and uncover the blocks that are holding us back from living our full potential. Since working with her, I have learned to heal and embrace my inner child, parent myself, recognize the nudges of my authentic self, and navigate challenges that come up in my life with grace. My outer world became more vibrant as I tended to my inner world. I now have a dream job, a strong romantic relationship, and a life that I don’t feel I need a vacation from – all because I was willing to do the work and invest in a centered, aligned, grounded coach who could guide me in the journey.

As a 25-year old, I have allowed myself to mature into a strong woman who knows what she wants out of this life and moves confidently toward her dreams.’

– Anna S., USA


She helped me learn how to trust myself

There aren’t enough words to explain how special Sophie is! She is incredibly intuitive, supportive, and honest in her coaching. Through her, I was able to learn so much more about myself, and to let go of what was holding me back. She helped me learn how to trust myself, and know my worth, so that I could step into my power and be fully authentic to my dreams, goals, and ideal life. I am so grateful for her guidance and friendship.

She is a highly sensitive empath, like myself, so she knew exactly what I needed and how to use that quality as an inner strength. I can’t believe how much my life has changed and the decisions I was able to make with my new found trust in myself.

Thank you, Sophie, for bringing so much to my life, and for helping me unravel the layers to let my true light shine! Love you!’

– Jenny Geyser; Nutrition & Wellness Coach 

I learned to follow my heart

‘Because of the programs I followed with Sophie my life has changed in many ways. 

The Naturally Abundant Queen program helped me to open up more to whatever is in my power. Following the modules gave me structure and because each module has exercises it isn’t just a book you’re reading. It really changes things because you are working through it. 

I am much more clear now about what I want in life.
The abundance session gave me the opportunity to clear some blocks which is very important in order to go further into the process. I acknowledged my inner child, I healed some hidden blocks, I started my own business, I feel much more confident, I learned to show myself more and more of my “true self”.
I learned to follow my heart. It was a wonderful experience to join.
Sophie, thank you so much! You are so true and being your vulnerable self makes this program genuine and very powerful.
Love from Holland,
life coach florence

I’ve started believing in my projects more and more.

Thanks to Sophie’s coaching I’ve put to silence (or almost) my tendency to autocriticise that led me to not giving myself full value in what I do, even in work. It has been a really great step.

Among the things that have helped me in making some progress in my own perception of my value in work was writing a list of qualities I have as well as writing clearly what my skills are, which projects I’m actually already doing and which I want to do soon. Putting down these things in black and white helped me to let them feel more “mine” and I’ve started believing in my projects more and more.

– Cristina

Exactly thirty minutes later, I was teary-eyed and grateful with a head full of ideas and positive resolutions to improve my life/writing career.

‘I met Sophie at a quiet cafe where she explained the concept of life coaching to me before initiating our session. I will admit that I was extremely skeptical. Sophie asked me to think of a goal or an objective, so I told her that one of my writing projects had reached a dead-end.

Exactly thirty minutes later, I was teary-eyed and grateful with a head full of ideas and positive resolutions to improve my life/writing career. Seriously. Rather than merely doling out advice, Sophie asked stimulating questions, which compelled me to really think before formulating answers. Throughout this exercise she monitored my responses and gave helpful feedback (much like Socratic dialectics, where Socrates would help his opponent arrive at the final knowledge of virtues through deeply questioning his beliefs). Many of us possess a plethora of life experience within us, yet it may become inaccessible under layers of daily stress. When properly extracted, however, it is like having an epiphany.

My initial goal was to overcome writer’s block, but the more Sophie questioned me, the more I realized that there were deeper issues lurking beneath the surface- issues that were hindering my potential. It was like walking down a long hallway and opening one door after another.

Life coaches are not therapists in the traditional sense of the word, but my session (albeit short) was in many ways cathartic. Listening to myself describe the problems and solutions made them real because spoken words hold power. I became suddenly aware of what needed to be done, and the moment I voiced this aloud, it became a commitment.

– C. De Melo (author & artist)

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C. De Melo

‘Sophie’s style was gentle yet direct, building trust and rapport quickly. It was a powerful experience for me, she was able to coach in such a supportive and encouraging way that I believe could only happen to woman to woman. It was quite a different coaching experience to one I’ve had in the past. Thanks to Sophie’s coaching, I am deeply committed to the journey of self-improvement and becoming a more confident woman – and also on eliminating the self-talk that I experience frequently.’

– Dionne Carter

Dionne Carter
Monique Gibson

She has patience, she’s intuitive, and she makes sure she LISTENS carefully to you and addresses the issue immediately!

‘I had my first session with Sophie in February of this year and my life hasn’t been the same! Sophie helped me clear out A LOT of blocks and put me on the road to achieve my goal of relocating to Italy! Because of her, I booked a trip in May and attended Italian language classes. The trip confirmed that I belong there! She has patience, she’s intuitive, and she makes sure she LISTENS carefully to you and addresses the issue immediately! I will continue to use her services and I HIGHLY recommend her! A friend is also using her services as well! Grazie mille Sophie! Again, words cannot express how grateful I am for you! XOXO’

– Monique Gibson, US

This was like more like talking to yourself, through another person

‘[…] However, what I do know — is a really good friend of mine named Sophie. A Dutch girl who has lived in Florence for many years now, she’s the one who introduced me to this world of life-coaching and what it is, and more importantly what it isn’t about. Which is actually almost moreimportant to understand.

A life coach will not tell you what to do, make your life plan happen, give unsolicited advice, or wipe your bottom. Sorry guys!

What will they do? Ask a series of questions and get to know the root of what you are looking to change in your life, and why. You would be surprised how much you already know yourself — sometimes you just need to say it out loud, in front of someone else. Which already goes a long way into making your goals much more accountable, and tangible. An excellent idea for someone who is looking to move abroad and needs to talk with someone, or a person already abroad but feeling ‘stuck’ and frustrated.

I did a half-hour session with her, just to see what it’s like and I left the meeting very intrigued and much more clear-minded. Unlike therapy, which is a different concept all-together, this isn’t about that.  This was like more like talking to yourself, through another person. My own obstacles and goals revolve mainly around career longevity, being more organized in every sort of way. I realize that there are many small changes that I could make now, that would help tremendously, but that I just have constantly been avoiding. It was just one lesson, but I want to go back for more, because we all could use a bit of self-improvement.’

– Georgette Jupe Pradier (a.k.a. international blogger magnate Girl in Florence)

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If you’re thinking about making a major change in your life or if you just want to figure out how to live more authentically, she’s your girl.

‘Working with a coach was completely foreign to me, but I was very determined to move to Italy and was hoping for some guidance. I immediately knew I wanted to work with Sophie after our first consultation because she has an infectious positive energy and asks life-changing questions that we often avoid asking ourselves. She’s helped me achieve ALL of the goals I had for myself since our first call such as moving to Italy, getting my language skills up, finding an exciting job, and forgetting about the “shoulds” of life in favor of living on my own terms. Sophie is amazing. If you’re thinking about making a major change in your life or if you just want to figure out how to live more authentically, she’s your girl.’

– Megan Leigh Peterson, US

‘The first session I had with Sophie was a walking coaching session. Whilst walking and talking she challenged me by means of metaphors to articulate my dreams, wishes and fears. And for some reason that helped me to frame the problem and come up with reachable solutions and tackle the problem. In hindsight I am happy I took this valuable step!’

– Nathalie van den Heuvel, The Netherlands


Wow, it is so incredibly powerful to be able to follow my heart and to believe in myself!

‘I started working with Sophie when I decided to follow my heart’s desire of moving to Florence, Italy last year. She helped me gain insight in what I needed to be able to really take this step. Sophie especially helped me look at my own strenghths and how to (dare to) trust them instead of making mountains out of mole hills.

I quit my job, sold my house and my car and the fear that I expected to feel when taking these steps never showed up. Wow, it is so incredibly powerful to be able to follow my heart and to believe in myself!

And now I’ve been living in Florence for two months already. I live so much more from my heart and feel that I can set up my life here. When I have moments of doubt or fear, I think back of my sessions with Sophie and tap into my own strengths and regain that feeling that I know I can do it!

Grazie mille, Sophie!!!’

– Anneke

It’s like having your own personal champion to cheer you along and help you be your best!

‘Sophie was an ideal coach for me because she is incredibly well rounded and flexibile. She doesn’t try to make you fit into a specific program – she could easily shift from helping me with very practical/tactical advice on how to move to Florence to discussing deep psychological patterns. Whatever direction I wanted to go, she was ready with thought provoking questions and gentle guidance that helped me come to my own conclusions faster and more wisely than I’d have done on my own. It’s like having your own personal champion to cheer you along and help you be your best!’

– J.K. California/Florence

move to Italy
To your success!

“When you find out about yourself”

‘Sophie has shown me the way to place myself into the world. I was trapped into sadness, frustration and anger. I was the tiger in a cage. And then I found out I’m both the tiger and the cage. I can set my own rules and I can design my own existence, by just accepting my true nature.

I found out how unbalanced I was when I started my first session with Sophie and then I realized to be such a complex and beautiful creature, made up of opposites and I started regaining confidence, strength and balance.

I’m still looking for happiness.

And I’m sure the more I dig and the more I unveil layers, the more I’ll be close to happiness.

It is a process that doesn’t have a regular speed or scheduled meetings. It is a never ending fulfilling, effortless dialogue. But in the meantime I’m searching for happiness, I’m enjoying the ride!

Being me is so wonderful ;-)’

– Anonymous

Francesco Masciullo

Winner Italian Barista Championship 2017

Francesco Masciullo is a master coffee maker and participated in the National Barista Championship 2017 and won the competition. I’ve had the honour of coaching this champion towards his dream: being acknowledged and celebrated for his exceptional talent which he can now share with other coffee aficionados worldwide. We worked on his fluency in English, presentation skills and how to deal with the anxiety that inevitably comes up when playing at such a high level. Seeing this photo brought tears of joy and pride to my eyes. Love you champ, see you for coffee at Ditta Artigianale, Florence.

When I was doubting whether or not I could take the leap, my Skype calls with her helped me find my confidence.

‘Sophie truly made my transition to Florence from the USA so much easier than it would have been navigating everything on my own. When I was doubting whether or not I could take the leap, my Skype calls with her helped me find my confidence.

Through her, I met women on a similar path, moving to Florence on their own and made close friends who I probably would not have met otherwise. I truly cannot thank Sophie enough for how much she helped me make my dream to live in Florence come true. Her energy and passion are infectious and will help anyone who wants to make living in Florence a reality.’ – Liz, USA

take the leap to Florence
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‘Through coaching techniques, Sophie helps you to identify your passions and dreams and allows you to outline a new life path.’

– Giulia

She has a calmness that allows the client to be honest, without any fear of being judged.

‘Sophie has a very effective coaching style, combining a sense of confidence, professionalism, and understanding of the client. She has a calmness that allows the client to be honest, without any fear of being judged.

Sophie keeps the sessions focused on the client’s agenda, while allowing opportunity for the client to explore options and related issues. Sophie persisted in focusing on the agenda of the session. She did not let me wander aimlessly to other non-related areas. Sophie’s style emphasized to me the major aspects of coaching. It reinforced for me the importance of following the competencies, as provided by the International Coach Federation.’

– Suzanne Blouin (coach)

Suzanne Blouin

Find the path you really want to take

‘Sophie’s international experience makes her a coach that goes beyond cultural borders or languages. You can relate to her regardless of your nationality or background.

Being coached by Sophie is giving yourself the space and importance you deserve; she helps you find the path you really want to take!’

– Eveline

There was a fantastically effective coaching question each session which opened up whole new vistas of thinking for me.

Working with Sophie was a delight and personally insightful. In every coaching session Sophie asked many questions to keep me on track (I work fast) and then there was a fantastically effective coaching question each session which opened up whole new vistas of thinking for me. With Sophie’s coaching framework and her skill in picking up on language used across all sessions, I went from the one session to the next building on ideas and themes of the previous session. Thanks Sophie – I’m still reviewing my notes from your coaching session, and taking action.’

– Leonie Welsh (coach)

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