rock out your coaching business simply being yourself

This is where you'll finally dare to show up as your FULL self and MAGNETICALLY attract your ideal clients. This is where you'll finally embrace your high sensitivity and see it as your SUPER POWER. This is where you'll ROCK OUT your coaching business simply by being your beautiful, unique highly sensitive self.
The money, the freedom, the DREAM clients; they are all out there waiting for you to be claimed! Stop apologising for who you REALLY are and take your life and your beautiful coaching business to ROCK STAR standards and finally live in FULL freedom.

get rock-solid confidence in yourself & your business


My name is Sophie Charlotte and I help you rock out your coaching business simply by being your beautiful highly sensitive self.
No more hiding, no more playing small, no more holding back. THIS is your time to shine and fully show up as the ROCK STAR you truly are so that you can easily attract your dream clients and live life in complete freedom.
I've been able to turn my coaching business from barely getting by to tapping into the abundance that's available to ALL OF US (YOU included) by claiming my own ROCK STAR status, releasing my own money blocks and embracing my inner Queen. I deserve the best because I am the best - AND SO ARE YOU!
My genius is seeing your brilliance and helping you bring it out fully and wholeheartedly. I allow you to step into your ROCK STAR status so that you can shine your authentic light, embrace your high sensitivity as your super power and call in your soul-aligned clients.


is this you?

Do you...

• feel you're doing everything by the 'coaching book', but still aren't calling in the clients you want?
• currently live a life that isn't as abundant and impactful as you would like it to be?
• feel stuck spinning your wheels around who you're meant to serve with what?
• want to find a way to both create more financial freedom and fulfilment, but don't really know how?


• do others tell you you're crazy for wanting to live off of your coaching business and to just get an office job?
• are you afraid you don’t really have what it takes and just keep thinking 'but what if I mess up'?
• do you worry others will say: 'I told you so' and that you will feel like a total failure?
• is your anxiety crippling you and keeping you hiding in the back office of your business?


• do you just feel that you MUST do this because you KNOW you can make a difference in the world?
• are you totally done living in lack and worrying where the money is going to come from and not touching as many hearts as you'd like?
• can you not stand the idea that in a year from now you'll still be in the same situation?
• do you want to finally feel free, fulfilled and attract the abundance you deserve?

this is where you press play

The Highly Sensitive ROCK STAR Coach

This is what you'll find in my coaching programme

• Ten sessions to dive into your dream vision for your coaching business, see what's holding you back and dissolve limiting beliefs, money blocks and open up the floodgates for your clients and abundance to come in. We'll spend this time together to find YOUR unique way of joyfully attracting your ideal clients, to create a business model that is true to YOU and to help you generate the abundance in full alignment with your core values.
• Pre- and post-session questionnaires in which you get the chance to deeply reflect on what you've learned in the previous session and what you want to focus on in the next one. These reflection questions will allow you to have extra coaching moments before and after our sessions and will help you stay on track with your goals.
• Ten self-study modules that will teach you how to become a Naturally Abundant Queen, release resistance around money and call in your dream clients with your unique, extremely personal coaching offer. You'll find business tips and tricks and my experience on how I've been able to create my successful, freedom-based business from my home in Italy.
• One e-mail/message per week for exclusive access to me for S.O.S. moments, practical questions and instant support and feedback on your content.


These are the modules you'll get lifelong access to:

1. The Art of Clearing Your Energy & Opening Up to Abundance
2. The Art of Creating a Positive Relationship with Money
3. The Art of Owning Your Worth and Embracing Your Inner Queen
4. The Art of Attracting Your Ideal Clients
5. The Art of Creating and Receiving
6. The Art of Charging, Selling and Serving
7. The Art of Believing in Yourself and Your Success
8. The Art of Trusting the Universe
9. The Art of Raising Your Vibration Through Fun and Self-Care
10. The Art of Celebrating

Super Sophie

are you ready to celebrate getting:

• The rock solid confidence that you CAN do this, that what you offer is deeply needed and highly valuable and to know what to do to attract your ideal clients and create the income you desire?
• Feeling ON FIRE and therefore fully dare to show up in your videos, your posts and in all your marketing material. Your energy will do the talking for you and before you know it your inbox will be full of clients reaching out to you, feeling like a true ROCK STAR!?
• More clients, more money and more FREEDOM? You'll find yourself enjoying running your business WAY more, spending MUCH less time in it and having all the FREEDOM in the world to take care of yourself and your highly sensitive needs.

if that's a full body yes then APPLY NOW

Your application will take place in the form of a questionnaire you'll find when booking your free discovery call below. When it gets approved, you will receive a confirmation within 24 hours.


PAY IN FULL € 5555
PAYMENT PLAN five monthly instalments of € 1111