gracefully create financial freedom, fulfilment and massive impact with your heart-driven coaching business

This is where you finally dare to show up as your FULL self, own your innate worth and easily attract your ideal clients by simply being yourself. This is how you can finally create the financial freedom and fulfilment you've been craving for ever since your first set up your own coaching business. This is where you step into the Naturally Abundant Queen you truly are and finally start making a massive impact on both your own and your clients' lives!

get rock-solid confidence in yourself & your business

Ciao bellissima!

Great to connect! I'd love to tell you a little bit about myself so that you can sense into my energy and feel if we're aligned to work together. My name is Sophie Charlotte, I'm Dutch and I live in the Tuscan countryside with my Italian man and our lovely dog Numa. I'm passionate about what I do: helping my beautiful clients believe in themselves and their mission and creating overflowing abundance in the process.
I know how the fear around money can be a huge block when launching or running your own soul-driven coaching business; it can really take the fun out of it all and keep you stuck in mediocrity, insecurity and paralysing fear. Trust me, I know the feeling!
I broke through my own money blocks by really going deep and finding how I was sabotaging my own flow of abundance. Ever since I've figured this out, the steady flow of ideal clients, the ever-increasing money and the unlimited freedom have become my new normal and I want to help you create the same. I believe nature is our greatest teacher when it comes to attracting abundance and I'd love to help you get in touch with that unlimited source of wealth that is available to you as well!

Sophie Charlotte-13 - kopie

Let's see if we're anything alike

Do you...

• feel stuck money wise and just keep repeating the same pattern?
• feel you're doing everything by the book, but still aren't getting the results you want?
• currently live a life that isn't as abundant and impactful as you would like it to be?
• want to find a way to turn your financial situation around, but don't really know how?


• do others tell you you're crazy for wanting to live off of your coaching business and to just get a secure job?
• are you afraid you don’t really have what it takes and just keep spinning around in 'but what if I mess up'?
• do you worry others will say: 'I told you so' and that you will feel like a total failure?


• do you just know that you can make a difference in the world with your unique gifts?
• are you totally done living in lack and worrying where the money is going to come from?
• can you not stand the idea that in a year from now you'll still feel the same way?
• do you want to finally create the success and attract the abundance you deserve?

create financial freedom, fulfilment and massive impact

The Naturally Abundant Queen

This is what you'll find in my 90-day business mentoring programme

• One Abundance Opening Session of two hours to dive into your dream vision for your coaching business, see what's holding you back and dissolve limiting beliefs, money blocks and open up the floodgates for your clients and abundance to come in!
• Five one-to-one coaching sessions of one hour each to find your unique way to joyfully attract your ideal clients, create a business that is true to YOU and generate abundance in full alignment with your core values.
• Pre- and post-session questionnaires in which you get the chance to deeply reflect on what you've learned in the previous session and what you want to focus on in the next one. These reflection questions will allow you to have extra coaching moments before and after our sessions and will help you stay on track with your goals.
• Ten weekly self-study modules that will teach you how to become a Naturally Abundant Queen, release resistance around money and call in your dream clients with your unique, extremely personal coaching business.
• One e-mail/message per week for exclusive access to me for S.O.S. moments, practical questions and instant support and feedback on your content.
• The rock solid confidence that you CAN do this, that what you offer is deeply needed and highly valuable and to know what to do to attract your ideal clients and create the income you desire!
• More clients, more money and more impact AND you enjoying running your business WAY more, spending MUCH less time in it and having all the FREEDOM in the world to take care of yourself as a highly sensitive woman and to spend time with your loved ones.


These are The Naturally Abundant Queen modules

1. The Art of Clearing Your Energy & Opening Up to Abundance
2. The Art of Creating a Positive Relationship with Money
3. The Art of Owning Your Worth and Embracing Your Inner Queen
4. The Art of Attracting Your Ideal Clients
5. The Art of Creating and Receiving
6. The Art of Charging, Selling and Serving
7. The Art of Believing in Yourself and Your Success
8. The Art of Trusting the Universe
9. The Art of Raising Your Vibration Through Fun and Self-Care
10. The Art of Celebrating


Mastering the Art of Abundance means...

living your life fully in every aspect. It means experiencing overflowing love, vibrant health, full alignment, deep fulfilment and unlimited wealth. It means that you have the freedom to do everything your soul calls you to do, to nurture yourself so that you can show up as the best version of yourself and to serve like a benevolent, abundant Queen from a full, overflowing heart.
When you feel worthy, you can receive gracefully. When you feel in alignment and have everything you desire, you naturally want to give back. You won’t work to make up for your lack, but you’ll serve from a deep sense of purpose and desire to contribute meaningfully.
When you live in abundance, you can be the generous woman you really are. You can give from the heart and serve from a deep soul level.
When your cup is full, you can give from the natural overflow. Abundance is your birth right and this programme allows you to see it, embrace it and receive it.
Unfortunately we have been programmed to think that wealth, being rich or living in prosperity is evil in one way or another. We subconsciously associate riches with mean, greedy people who want to keep all wealth to themselves. We’ve been told and have seen that riches bring corruption and basically mean the absence of – or a threat to – love.
I am fully convinced of the exact opposite – when the wealth we acquire is in full alignment with the purpose Source put us here for, we actually generate more love and are able to give more.

We are here to serve, to make a difference in the world...

and we need to be fully taken care of in order to give back from a healthy, whole place. When we live in lack, we can’t show up as our best selves and we can’t serve from our highest good.
It is fundamental that we nurture and provide for ourselves first before we can give others anything of value.
As women we’ve subconsciously – or consciously – been taught, or modelled, that in order to be good, we’re supposed to be humble, self-sacrificing and nurturing. Putting yourself last supposedly makes you a good mother. What you’re really doing is giving crumbs from your nearly empty pouch, while you could be showering everyone around you – and yourself – in overflowing abundance from your full and happy heart.
I believe that it is time to take our power back, to allow ourselves the natural abundance that God wants to give us so eagerly and open up to the wealth that it is our birth right. Welcome to The Naturally Abundant Queen – Financial Freedom for Highly Sensitive Coaches.
In this programme you’ll learn to:
Serve as a benevolent Queen.
Charge as a worthy Queen.
Receive as a graceful Queen.

It all starts with you and how worthy you feel...

how much you can expand in order to receive more and how much you dare to charge for your valuable coaching services. It all depends on how successful you believe you can be and what you can see is actually possible for you.
It all starts with you embracing your inner Queen and showing up from that space of grace, generosity and giving. This is only possible when you have fully mastered the feminine art of receiving first.
You need to learn to serve yourself first and foremost and then from that overflowing, naturally abundant space give others the very best of you. That’s how everybody wins.
It’s time to move away from the old paradigm that only hard work pays off and that you need to work like a man in order to earn like a man. We are women; we create, we attract and we serve from the heart. We are nurturers, we give birth to new ideas and naturally receive what is ours when we open up – even our reproductive system was made to first receive and then give.
Only from this balanced, feminine space can we create a pleasant workflow of giving and receiving, which comes with ease, grace and joy and allows us to create complete freedom for ourselves.
We can choose to make money the feminine way, to co-create with a Higher Power and to let our intuition guide us. We are allowed to enjoy the process, to receive with grace and to serve with joy. We can say YES to abundance, open up our hearts and let in what wants to come in. This is our time to receive what we naturally deserve and step into all the abundance that is already ours.
Let’s become The Naturally Abundant Queen you truly are and create Financial Freedom for you, Highly Sensitive Coach!



the investment level

PAY IN FULL € 3500
PAYMENT PLAN € 1750 down payment + 4 € 500 monthly instalments
(Total of € 3750)

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