align with your natural self

A group programme designed to help you uncover your true nature and live it out fully. A safe space to meet other women on a soul mission and support each other towards living our most authentic lives. A container in which to go from the masculine human doing to surrender into the feminine human being. It's time to connect to your true nature and connect to your most natural self: The Wild Woman. We all have her inside of us, but she lies dormant for fear of being too much, seen as an outcast or deemed a witch who'll be burnt at the stake. Let her be so and see what magic she brings! This is where the ego falls away, the masks come off and we allow our most spiritual, natural self come out and fulfill its soul mission. Sisterhood, support and spirituality come together with shamanism, the natural world and the soul quest for authenticity. Who am I really when I stop playing by the rules and start following my heart fully, unapologetically, unrestrictedly? Let's find out what your inner Wild Woman looks like and give her the safe space to come out of hiding and turn her inner fire back on.

Uncover Your True Nature

Hey gorgeous!

Great to meet you here! I'm happy our paths have crossed and I'd love to tell you a little bit about myself so that you can sense into my energy and decide if I'm the right person to guide you in this moment of your life. Authenticity is my key value, together with love and freedom. I truly believe that when you live in full alignment with your true self, all that is meant for you will come to you effortlessly. The quest for authenticity isn't always an easy one, though, with the whole outside world pulling at you and seemingly deciding who you are, or who you're supposed to be, for you. I love helping my clients connect to their true selves so that they can live a life that is in alignment with them - and nobody else. The fundamental question in life is: who am I, really? Who am I when I follow my natural flow, my instincts and trust my intuition? The Wild Woman Archetype is exactly about this: the quest for authenticity and trusting your feminine intuition. I've found it by going through loads of different forms of self-development, working with coaches, mentors, energy healers and horses; yes, horses! I've found my truest, most authentic self in nature, surrounded by animals, barefoot on the grass. I can be myself, breathe and serve from a grounded, aligned space that allows me to express my soul mission: helping others find their most authentic self and live accordingly. I hope you willl trust me with your journey on your way to your most authentic, natural self as well!

Sophie Charlotte Equi Coach

Let's see if we're anything alike

Do you...

• feel stuck in certain life dynamics and just keep repeating the same pattern over and over again?
• feel you're doing everything you're supposed to do, but don't feel at home in your own life?
• feel your life energy isn't as vital as you'd like it to be?
• want to find a way to connect to your true nature more and fulfil your soul's purpose, but don't really know how?


• do others tell you you should just be happy with what you've got and to stop asking such deep questions?
• are you afraid you'll be judged if you let your spiritual side come out more and do you sometimes have a hard time trusting your intuition yourself as well?
• do you worry others will say: 'you're crazy, you're talking like a witch! Get your act together, be rational and stop being so airy fairy.'


• do you just know deep down that you can make a difference in the world if you just dared to follow your soul's purpose?
• are you done living in fear and want to learn to fully trust yourself?
• can you not stand the idea that in a year from now you'll still feel the same way?
• do you want to finally dare say YES to your natural self and be the Wild Woman you truly are?

i'm overjoyed to share how I can help you align with your natural self

The Wild Woman

This is what you'll find in this three-month group programme

• Exclusive membership to a secret Facebook group that provides the safe space in which you'll feel free to express yourself and get the support you are looking for;
• An intimate group of six soul-aligned women on a mission finding their purpose and uncovering their true nature.
• Six fortnightly women's circles from 6-8pm on Fridays in which we'll do meditations, visualisations, deep diving into our life's questions and I'll provide on the spot coaching to help you break through your blocks while being held in the supportive vibes of this sisterhood.
• Weekly challenges that will be shared and answered in the group so you can see each other's growth, feel that you're not alone in your challenges and support each other through them.
• Readings from Women Who Run with the Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype by Clarissa Pinkola Estés to serve as a guide on our way to uncovering our authentic self.


freedom, fulfilment & femininity

These will be the three themes for our three-month journey together: freedom, fulfilment & femininity.
Freedom to trust and be your true self.
Fulfilment to express your soul's purpose.
Femininity to live in alignment with your true nature: Womanhood.


by joining this community you will

• Know who you truly are at a core level and dare to express yourself unapologetically;
• Find what your true purpose is on this planet and fulfill it with confidence, grace and joy;
• Step into your full feminine self which will allow you to trust your intuition, attract what you truly desire, create healthy relationships and turn your fire for life back on;
• Feel fully alive, completely at home with yourself and deeply supported by Spirit;
• Be part of a sacred sisterhood where your femininity becomes a source of wisdom, you'll feel deeply connected and experience a deep sense of mutual understanding and support.
• Feel that your soul is at home here and your Spritual senses will develop itself in the most profound ways.

the investment level

Full price: € 1250
Early bird: € 999 (if you join by 12/12)
Payment plan option: € 333 down payment by 12/12 – two monthly instalments of € 333 each.
Payment plan option after 12/12: three monthly instalments of € 425 each.

I WANT TO catch the early bird and pay in full

I WANT TO catch the early bird and do the payment plan

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