Join this safe sisterhood and get the support you need to say YES to you!

You are a deeply-driven, highly-sensitive woman who has a big, bold dream and a deep love for Italy. You just wish you had the courage to say YES to you and your dream - and really make it happen. You're looking for a safe space to feel understood, accepted and seen for your drive to make a real difference in this world. This is your tribe of like-minded women on a mission. This is where you'll feel you belong and won't have to do it all on your own. This is where you'll be challenged, supported and motivated to really go for it and finally turn your dream into reality!

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safe sisterhood - supportive accountability - international tribe

Do you...

• have a big, bold dream that makes you feel on fire?
• just wish you had the courage to go for it?
• care about making meaningful connections with like-minded women?
• just know that your dream is possible for you and could use some extra support?
• feel on a very deep level and recognise yourself in the description of a Highly Sensitive Person?
• feel the need for deep self-care, reflection and a place to safely share your journey?
• want to commit to your dream and start making it happen?


• do you feel scared shitless at the same time?
• do others think you are crazy for your dreams?
• do you get stuck in thinking 'what if it all goes wrong'?
• do you get tired of sharing your dreams with people who don't get you?
• do you find it hard to find like-minded women to make deep friendships with?
• are you seriously wondering if there are people like you out there?
• are you afraid you'll end up giving up on your dream and just stay stuck in the mediocre 9-to-5 life?


• do you feel that you can't go on like this and desperately want to create a change and give yourself what you need?
• are you sick and tired of only wondering instead of doing something about it?
• are you ready to dive in and invest in yourself and your own well-being?
• do you really, really want to connect to women just like you and build new friendships?
• are you willing to open up, feel deeply within yourself and find what you've been looking for?
• do you know that you'll deeply regret it if you won't go for your dream now and look back one day thinking: 'I wish I had?'

then this is exactly what you need

In The YES Woman Group Programme you will find:

• like-minded women who are looking for meaningful connections;
• a safe space where you can express yourself and share your dreams;
• the perfect container for self-development and growth so you can become your true self;
• a safe sisterhood where respect, support and openness are key;
• the tools to support you on your journey like my book, videos, meditations and coaching;
• the accountability and support to actually turn your dream into reality;
• the opportunity to connect to your inner strength, believe in yourself and become your own biggest cheerleader on your way to freedom!

the yes woman group programme

choose to hang out with high-vibe, pro-active women just like you

Created especially for you by someone exactly like you!

Ciao bella, I’m Sophie Charlotte and as a life coach I help highly-sensitive, deeply-driven women dare to say YES to themselves and their dreams.
I've cured myself from anxiety disorder by saying YES to my own dream of moving to Florence, Italy and I know how important it is to live a life that is in alignment with your true self.
I've launched this group programme because creating a safe space for women to share, to go deep and make meaningful connections is what I do best - both in person and online. Now you can access this global sisterhood from your own home and tap into the high vibes, the support and feel safe to just be your true self and share what you really want to create for yourself.
The blueprint for our journey together will be The YES Woman Handbook in which I share how to live life unapologetically and boldly go for what makes you feel good.
Connecting to yourself and to each other will be key in this group programme and you'll be able to find the courage, belief in yourself and sincere support to finally go for your dreams - and we'll come together and celebrate your successes in Tuscany!

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in this six-month group programme you will get:

- A FREE digital copy of The YES Woman Handbook;
- Access to the closed Facebook group The YES Woman Group Programme;
- Connections with like-minded women worldwide;
- Monthly themes based on the chapters of the book: Being Your True Self, Self-Love, Courage, Alignment, Femininity, Inspired Action;
- Guided meditations;
- Monthly live group calls where you can ask your personal questions;
- Motivating posts to keep you going;
- Challenges to get you out of your comfort zone:
- Exchange on exercises from the book so you can see you're not alone in your struggles;
- A safe space to share your personal journey and ask for support, help and feedback on your project:
- A mastermind partner to team up with and plan bi-weekly calls with to hold each other accountable and motivated!


Join now so you can start reading the book, introduce yourself and get to know your fellow YES Woman sisters and already pick your own mastermind partner!


upgrade to the yes woman retreat

We're going to close our journey off together in person in Tuscany! The YES Woman Retreat on 06/06/2020 will be the grand finale to this online journey and you'll get the chance to finally meet each other in real life! We'll come together, dive in, close off and celebrate your successes at my home! Go for this upgrade and add a live experience to your unique journey together with your newfound soul sisters! Read all about it by clicking on the image below.

The yes woman retreat 06_06_2020

the investment level of the online group programme:

Early bird price: € 299 + BONUS 1:1 30-minute laser coaching session with me! (value € 149)
As of December 9th: € 399 (no bonus!)

the investment level of the online group programme + retreat:

Early bird price programme + retreat: € 499 + BONUS 1:1 30-minute laser coaching session with me, which we can even do in person! (value € 149)
As of December 9th programme + retreat: € 599 (no bonus!)

the investment level of the online group programme + retreat + overnight stay:

Early bird price programme + retreat + overnight stay: € 599 + BONUS 1:1 30-minute laser coaching session with me, which we can even do in person! (value € 149)
As of December 9th programme + retreat + overnight stay: € 699 (no bonus!)

YES, I'M IN for the online programme

YES, I'M IN for the online programme + retreat

YES, I'M IN for the online programme + retreat + overnight stay