Surround yourself with what makes you feel good: nature, deep conversation and high vibe company

The YES Woman retreats are for women like you: highly sensitive go-getters who have a special love for Italy. You love Florence and would one day want to make it your home, yet you also deeply crave nature, fresh air and a calm space to retreat into yourself and connect on a deeper level with like-minded women. This is your happy place, my dear!


Reconnect to yourself - Align with your core values - Find your own truth

Do you...

• absolutely love all things Italian?
• thoroughly enjoy living in Florence, or dream of moving there?
• care about making meaningful connections with like-minded women?
• need nature to recharge and reconnect with yourself?
• feel on a very deep level and recognise yourself in the description of a Highly Sensitive Person?
• feel the need for deep self-care, reflection and a place to safely share your journey?


• Do you feel getting into nature is like mission impossible without a car and not knowing where to go in Tuscany?
• Do you find it hard to find like-minded women to make deep friendships with?
• Are you seriously wondering if there are people like you out there?
• Do you doubt that safe sisterhood even exists?
• Are you afraid that if you might give up on your dream if you don't get the support and feedback you're looking for?


• Do you feel that you want to create a change and give yourself what you need?
• Are you sick & tired of wondering instead of doing something about it?
• Are you ready to dive in and invest in yourself and your own well-being?
• Do you really, really want to spend time in nature and connect with animals?
• Do you know there just gotta be people like you and you're dying to meet them?
• Are you willing to open up, feel deeply within yourself and find what you've been looking for?

then I'd like to welcome you to paradise!


At The YES Woman Retreat you will find:

• like-minded women who are looking for meaningful connections;
• incontaminated nature, clean air, breathtaking views and complete silence;
• self-development activities like light yoga, meditation and group coaching;
• the safe space to be yourself and openly share your journey;
• healthy, high-quality, local food, herbal teas and of course... wine!
• an unforgettable day of transformation, deep reflection and guidance towards your own truth.

gift yourself the act of self-care and the chance to make new friends with women just like you

Organised especially for you by someone exactly like you!

Ciao bella, I’m Sophie Charlotte and as a life coach I help women take the leap towards their dreams. After eight years of living in Florence, I moved into the Tuscan countryside and I absolutely LOVE it!
It's peaceful, it's grounding and I get to have a dog - and I want to share my little paradise with you!
I've organised this retreat because after the many successful YES Woman meet ups in Florence, I realised that a safe space to share, to go deep and make meaningful connections is key to a fulfilling life in Florence. Add the fact that nature is hard to find there (and in my case, much needed to recharge!) I wanted to combine the two welcoming you to my glorious habitat!
We're going to have a wonderful time together in which reconnecting to yourself is key. I'll guide you through coaching exercises in which you'll find the answers to questions you've been looking for. We'll focus on our body, our breath and on our energy and find what it is that you truly need. Sharing such a transformational with others will create a bond that will be indescribable; you just had to be there. Will you?

italy life coach



the programme for saturday 6 June:

- Pick up at the station 11am
- Start with welcoming circle: introduction & intention setting
- Stretching through light yoga exercises
- Mindful walk in the woods
- Plant-based lunch
- Coaching intervention with visualisation
- Journalling time
- Exchange
- Play with the dog/dip in the pool/sit in silence
- Aperitivo with reflection on the day
- Back to the station 6pm
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ When you sign up, you'll get all the information about what train to take where from Florence. Calculate a 1.20 hour train ride that will take you into the glorious middle of nowhere!


the investment level:

€ 200
Sign up by February 28th to save your spot. Want to stay the night? You can! I have 4 spots available in shared beds in an apartment on site. The overnight stay will include breakfast and the transfer to the station. This add on costs € 100.



read more about The YES Woman Group Programme by clicking on the image below
the yes woman group programme