live life in alignment with your true self

This is where you get to live life your way, dare to follow what feels good and fully trust your intuition. This is where you stop apologising for who you really are, finally become a true YES Woman and create a life that is truly YOURS!

become the woman you truly are

Ciao bella!

I'm Sophie Charlotte and I'm a life coach. I used to suffer from anxiety disorder when I was living my mediocre life in Holland. I was in a steady job, a steady relationship, living in a suburb - and I really hated it.
On my journey of healing I learnt to love myself and really connect to my own truth. When I finally dared to say YES to myself and listen to what I truly wanted: move to Italy, I managed to cure myself from the anxiety disorder.
I know what it's like to throw your life around because I have done so numerous times, leaving relationships, countries and careers, only going for what feels right to me and thereby creating a life that is truly in alignment with who I really am: a highly-sensitive go-getter who needs nature to recharge, the city to feel stimulated, a job that makes a difference and allows me to use my natural gifts of sensing energy and aligning it in others. I'm with a man who gives me both security and freedom and I have a lot of free time to cater to my needs as a highly-sensitive woman. I am a true YES Woman because I dare say YES to what feels right to me and I'd love to help you do the same.

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Let's see if we're anything alike

Do you...

• feel stuck where you are now and just want to break free from it all?
• just know that putting yourself first will make you feel alive again?
• currently live a life that isn't really yours and feel 'bleh' about it?
• want to throw things around and listen to yourself more, but don't really know how?


• do others tell you you're crazy for wanting to leave your steady life (and do you secretly wonder if you actually are)?
• are you afraid you don’t really have what it takes and just keep spinning around in 'but what if I mess up'?
• do you think you will disappoint others if you put yourself & your dreams first?


• do you just want to feel free to live your life and be a Woman who makes her own choices?
• are you done putting other people's expectations of you first?
• can you not stand the idea that in a year from now you'll still feel the same way?
• do you want to finally dare say YES to YOU and start living life YOUR way?

i'm overjoyed to share how I can help you say YES to YOU!

The YES Woman programme

This is what you'll find in my unique six-month programme

• 6 one-to-one coaching sessions of 75 minutes each to tap into your inner YES Woman, see what's holding you back, work through limiting beliefs and create a life that's in alignment with YOU! These sessions will make you feel supported by your true soul sister who will be with you every step of the way (yep - that's me!).
• Pre- and post-session questionnaires in which you get the chance to deeply reflect on what you've learnt in the previous session and what you want to focus on in the next one. These reflection questions will allow you to have extra coaching moments before and after our sessions.
• A free digital copy of my book The YES Woman Manifesto in which you learn everything about being a true YES Woman like self-love, self-worth, self-care and daring to do what feels good to you, including my personal journey and loads of exercises, journal prompts and meditations.
• 2 e-mails/messages per month for unique access to me for S.O.S. moments, practical questions, tips, tricks, useful links and valuable connections with other YES Women.
• BONUS: unlimited access to my unique, digital seven-step programme Take the Leap that will teach you to confidently choose yourself, chase your dreams and deal with the fear and self-doubt that come up while taking the leap (value € 499)


This is your time

This is the time when you get to say YES to you and your dreams, your desires and do what feels good to YOU - unapologetically. You get to take control over your own life and dare go for what makes your soul shine. This is where you dare to follow your heart, boldly go for your dreams and say YES to a life that is fully in alignment with who you really are: a True YES Woman!

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a true yes woman is

a Woman who has learnt how to put her own needs first because she knows that that's the only way she can give true value to others;
a Woman who values herself and knows that she's worthy of all of her desires;
a Woman who has matured into the fullest version of herself, embracing her Queendom and loving her own unique light;
a Woman who knows how to access her feminine power instead of acting from her masculine power;
a Woman who no longer lets others decide for her, but dares to step up and make her own decisions about her life;
a Woman who knows what she wants, what she needs and dares to create that for herself;
a Woman who is so 'full of herself' that she doesn't need others to fill her up with love and can gracefully receive love from her partner;
a Woman who dares to follow her intuition and give heed to it because she knows that is her true wisdom;
a Woman who feels fired up by her mission and isn't afraid to share her innate and unique talent with the world;
a Woman who feels what works for her and creates a life that is in full alignment with her true self;
a Woman who dares to say YES to herself, her dreams and unapologetically lives a life that truly lights her up!


'Sophie was an ideal coach for me because she is incredibly well rounded and flexibile. She doesn’t try to make you fit into a specific program - she could easily shift from helping me with very practical/tactical advice on how to move to Florence to discussing deep psychological patterns. Whatever direction I wanted to go, she was ready with thought provoking questions and gentle guidance that helped me come to my own conclusions faster and more wisely than I'd have done on my own. It’s like having your own personal champion to cheer you along and help you be your best!' - J.K. California/Florence


'Sophie's style was gentle yet direct, building trust and rapport quickly. It was a powerful experience for me, she was able to coach in such a supportive and encouraging way that I believe could only happen to woman to woman. It was quite a different coaching experience to one I've had in the past. Thanks to Sophie's coaching, I am deeply committed to the journey of self-improvement and becoming a more confident woman - and also on eliminating the self-talk that I experience frequently.' - Dionne Carter

Live life with heart wide open

ready to become a true yes woman?

A true YES Woman is able to create a life that she is totally in love with. This love for life - the highest vibration of them all - allows her to attract everything she desires without struggle or strife and she's able to receive gracefully because she knows that she is worthy. She's embraced her inner little girl and has loved her into the strong mature Woman she now is and makes decisions for her own life out of love instead of fear. She rules over her own life as a conscious Queen who sets strong boundaries, sends out clear messages and is not afraid to face a battle when she needs to. She is rooted within herself, in her Divine Being and she knows that when she aligns her energy, she can do anything she sets her mind to. She is a presence to reckon with and at the same time extremely welcoming, loving and magnetic. She is that Woman you look up to. Now, you can become her and create your own true YES Woman life by stepping into The YES Woman you really are.

ready to say yes to you?

the investment level is € 2000 - You can choose to pay it all in one go or divide it into 6 monthly payments of € 333

I WANT TO become a true yes woman in one payment

I WANT TO become a true yes woman in 6 instalments