10 simple steps to go from merely dreaming to actually making it happen!

Let me guess: you've been dreaming about making that big life change for ages, but you're stuck in just dreaming about it and not actually doing anything because of fear, insecurity, self-doubt, not knowing where to start, other people's opinions, lack of clarity, time, self-confidence or courage... Am I right? Well, no problem! Whatever the reason, this guide will finally help you turn your dream into reality.

Turn your dream into reality mini guide

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let's make your dream happen, fabulous!

Ciao bella!

I'm Sophie Charlotte and I help wonderful women like yourself say YES to themselves and their dreams! I've overcome anxiety disorder by following my big, bold dream of moving to Florence, Italy - and I've flourished ever since! Taking leaps of faith is my specialty and I've collected all the techniques that have helped me follow all my wildest dreams in this 10-step guide. Ready to turn your dream into reality as well and finally live life in alignment with your true self? Here you go, bella!

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