Coaching in more detail

Coaching is all about your process, your goals & your dreams. I will be there to listen to you and to help you explore all the different angles by asking stimulating questions. The great thing about coaching is that it allows you to come up with your own solutions – and these are extremely valuable since they’ll fit your unique situation like a glove. You'll be able to get clarity on what it is you want, you'll overcome fear & finally go for the things that you really care about in life.


This is what happens

The coaching process works as follows. After we'll have defined your dream in more detail, we'll start exploring your motives, your underlying beliefs and your values. I'll ask you all sorts of open questions to find out what's really going on before we move on to determining the practical steps you decide to take. Of course, everything you say is confidential and you can be absolutely sure that I will respect your privacy completely. To help you deal with the challenges that you might come across along the way, like fear, anxiety and self-doubt, I’ll share techniques with you that are based on Acceptance and Commitment Training, or ACT. This is a relatively new, very powerful and - yes, even fun way of facing the difficulties in life. It will help you overcome fear, accept the things you cannot change & take committed action in line with your values. Feeling fulfilled is a natural result!

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