Coaching can be done anywhere!

Coaching can practically be done anywhere due to its informal nature. Of course it’s preferred that there aren’t too many distractions and you feel free to reflect away. This means that we could meet in a quiet café, in your office, or go for a walk in the park, for example.

coach-in-florence (2)

my home

We could meet at my home in the centre of Florence and enjoy a nice cup of coffee or tea while talking about YOU. We definitely won’t be disturbed here! It’s the perfect place for effective reflection and you’ll have all the space and privacy to express yourself freely.

coach-in-florence - kopie

Walking Coaching

I also propose walking coaching in which we do our sessions walking through the park. We could meet at Le Cascine park in Florence, or practically anywhere where it’s green and quiet. The silence and the beauty of nature will help you reflect clearly. Since we’ll walk beside each other it might be easier for you to follow your train of thought. Very important when it comes to coaching! And no worries, the dog won't be coming along 😉


Skype or phone

Sessions can also be held via Skype or on the phone. I’ve experienced that talking on Skype with video is nearly the same as meeting in real life. This is perfect for people who don’t live in Florence or have an extremely busy schedule.