Find & fulfill Your Soul Mission

And dare to bring it out into the world, so you can finally make the difference you know you were meant to make.

Feel like you're wasting time not fulfilling your purpose?


You're constantly wondering and worrying what it is that you are supposed to do in this lifetime and not knowing it clearly is driving you insane.


Deep down you know that you are not fully living life in alignment with your true self and are stuck between: "but I need to make a living" and "but I can't bear another day doing this soul-draining work just for the money."


You're afraid what others will say when you share you're actually going to go for your dream and would hate to have to tell them that you didn't make it - and they can go "I told you so."


You feel deeply dissatisfied with the way you're living your life and using your precious time here on earth. You want to make a big difference in the lives of others but just don't know how and simply don't have the courage to actually take the leap and finally fulfill your Soul mission.

Well, I know how it feels - and I can help!

Sophie Charlotte

Soul Mission Mentor
for Highly Sensitive Women

anxiety disorder

By following my heart's desire of moving to Florence, Italy I actually cured myself from anxiety disorder. I had been on meds for nearly seven years and by moving to the place where my Soul felt at home, I was able to stop taking the medication and finally felt I could be my true self. I realised that I was the living proof that when you follow your heart, you can actually heal yourself. And that's what I am committed to helping my clients with in my life coaching practice.

Life Coaching

After teaching English and being a writer for a famous Dutch blog, I asked myself: "What do I truly want?" I want to help people follow their heart, I want to contribute meaningfully, I want to make a true difference in this world. It was my mum who asked: "So, why don't you become a life coach, Sophie?" And when I felt my entire body heat up I knew that that was my path - and I followed it wholeheartedly and here I am!

Equi coaching

After years of helping my clients take the leap online I found a deepening to my Soul calling and I (re)discovered equine-assisted coaching. I had already seen it in a vision when I started out to become a life coach, but only was ready for it now. Helping my clients heal together with my horses is incredibly fulfilling and I truly feel that this is my Soul mission. The sense of finally being home in their life's purpose is what I wish for everyone to experience. And that's why I created this mentorship.

"As a Highly Sensitive Woman you are extremely gifted - it is my mission to help you embrace those gifts and believe in yourself, so that you'll finally dare to share them with the world and feel deeply fulfilled as a result."

- Sophie Charlotte

You are here for reason. You were given a mission. You are supposed to make a difference in this world with your unique gifts. What are you waiting for?

the soul mission mentorship

Find your Soul mission and finally dare to bring it out into the world

The Soul Mission Mentorship consists of six 75-minute recorded Zoom calls in which you will;

  • Uncover your limiting beliefs and dissolve them thanks to Sophie’s intuitive coaching;
  • Heal your inner child by going deeply and finally listening to her needs and learning how to soothe her;
  • See where you’re holding yourself back and what stories you’re telling yourself and change the narrative once and for all;
  • Receive tips & tools to face your inner critic and develop a loving supportive relationship with yourself instead;
  • Find the courage to fulfill your mission, finally believe in yourself and actually make a difference in other people’s lives with your unique gifts.


BONUS: you will get lifetime access to Sophie’s life-changing online programmes Take the Leap (get the courage), The Naturally Abundant Queen (make the money) and her book The YES Woman Manifesto (see how Sophie did it) (total value: over € 1500)

Pay-in-full extra BONUS:

A half-day in-person experience at Sophie’s home! 

You’ll start the day with an equine-assisted coaching session. Afterwards, you’ll receive some life coaching to help you reflect even deeper on what the horses showed you. Then you’ll enjoy a wholesome lunch to round off this profound experience together. A free shuttle service from and to the station of Borgo San Lorenzo is included (total value: € 500)

My Clients Say It Better

“There aren’t enough words to explain how special Sophie is! She is incredibly intuitive, supportive, and honest in her coaching. Through her, I was able to learn so much more about myself, and to let go of what was holding me back. She helped me learn how to trust myself, and know my worth, so that I could step into my power and be fully authentic to my dreams, goals, and ideal life. I am so grateful for her guidance and friendship. She is a highly sensitive empath, like myself, so she knew exactly what I needed and how to use that quality as an inner strength.  I can’t believe how much my life has changed and the decisions I was able to make with my new found trust in myself. Thank you, Sophie, for bringing so much to my life, and for helping me unravel the layers to let my true light shine! Love you!”

– Jenny Geyser

Jenny Geyser


“MAGNETIC, true, soulful, inspiring, changing. I already thanked you a little bit during our last meeting but you deserve some more words

For me you ARE your calling. You’ve become so good at perceiving source/yourself/everyone around you that it’s almost palpable. You’re like a Jedi to me (that’s a good thing), a spiritual GPS, a guide extraordinaire. Thank you, thank you, thank you, and please keep sharing you.”

– Sanne Toornstra

Anna Manuzzi

“I’m filled with gratitude that you came into my life and are still a part of it. I feel like my life did a 180 turn and sped of in the right direction. The direction that my soul leads me on like a GPS.”

– Anna Manuzzi


 “I acknowledged my inner child, I healed some hidden blocks, I started my own business, I feel much more confident, I learned to show myself more and more of my “true self”. I learned to follow my heart.”

– Patricia Koudstaal

Melanie Troxler

“Sophie Charlotte was my Coach when I started my consulting business. From the very first steps till the reality I live in now: Being a successful business owner. And I tell you one thing. I am so glad that I had her during this life changing time. She helped me to see my capacity, my spirit and fond dreams – and most important – that I was capable realizing them! What made her the perfect match for me? She has the ability to sense what is behind the words of her clients. She can see the best in you and acts as a mirror to make you see it too. There are no lies, no holding back, but truth. As she had already gone through the whole process of setting up a business, of becoming a successful coach and leader, she knew about the self-doubt, about anxiety, about not giving herself the value she actually deserved. As this was exactly how I felt too, it made me align with her and overcome these barriers.

This was two years ago. Today, I can proudly say that I have set up my own consulting business for nonprofit organizations. Was it easy? No, it wasn’t. I had to believe over and over again in myself and in my capacity and professionalism (and keep on doing that). Sophie accompanied me in these moments I was struggling and helped me to trust in my instincts and senses to walk my very own beautiful and sometimes rocky path. I am still on it and I assume Sophie also over and over again. But there is nothing wrong with that. It keeps us grow into the beautiful and sensitive women we are. I am very thankful to Sophie that she lets us see her true self. Over and over again. Because that allows us to show our own true self too. Thank you Sophie for your authentic, your courageous and your very true self. You rock it and keep on rocking it.”

– Melanie Troxler 

Imagine feeling:

- Crystal clear about your Soul mission here on Earth;

- Super confident about yourself & your unique gifts;

- Excited to share your Soul message with the world, reach the right people and actually receive money for your work;

- Deeply fulfilled every morning knowing you're making a true difference in other people's lives;

- Secure and supported thanks to the guidance that you decided to gift yourself - and therefore finally allow for your Soul mission to be found & fulfilled!

Here's how you get there:

the soul mission mentorship

investment level:

€ 3333

Or six payments of


Apply now by booking a free discovery call

"There is freedom waiting for you, On the breezes of the sky, And you ask "What if I fall?" Oh but my darling, What if you fly?"

- Erin Hanson