The Art of Being a Woman

Uncover your Truth and dare live accordingly together with me & my horses

Welcome to my world! My name is Sophie Charlotte and together with my four horses I help highly sensitive women live in alignment with their true selves.


This is where my Soul feels home and moving here has changed everything for me. I first lived in Florence for eight years and then met my partner with whom I moved into the countryside and we got our first dog! We now have two: Numa & Kobe.


I cured myself from anxiety disorder by following my heart's desire of moving to Italy.
This to me was the ultimate proof that once you live in full alignment with your true self, you can manifest anything - even healing!


My (re)discovery of horses happened when we landed in our forever home and I could take my spirituality, healing and guidance to the next level. The horses have come into my life like magic and the coaching I get to do with them is just out of this world!


I used to feel unfulfilled, living a life in The Netherlands that wasn't truly mine, doing what I was "supposed" to do; the picket fence home, the safe job, the steady relationship - it all drained the living daylight out of me.

My guidance

In person

I'm inviting you to come to my piccolo paradiso in Tuscany where I help you get back into alignment with your true self together with my horses. I offer half day and full day immersive experiences including lunch and shuttle service to and from the station of Borgo San Lorenzo (40 minute train ride from Florence). You will leave this place as a different Woman for sure!


Believe it or not, but the horses also work their magic online! I put them in my spaceous garden where they can happily graze - and where the wifi signal reaches! - and we'll see what they have to show you from the comfort of your own home. This online form of equine-assisted coaching is available in my programme The Art of Being a Woman.


I regularly host Retreats here for my clients and currently have a waiting list in place before the next one is announced. Contact me at if you'd like to be put on it, or simply subscribe to my newsletter at the bottom of this page to get the latest updates, offers and inspirational stories. You don't want to miss this unforgettable experience!

"Living life in alignment with your true self brings you a deep sense of peace, of fulfilment and of being at home with yourself.
It's the opposite of living in anxiety, fear and lack. It's freedom in its purest form."

- Sophie Charlotte

A sneak peek into my life in my little paradise in tuscany

Alignment Coaching

Uncover your Truth and dare live accordingly


Working with Sophie & her herd allows you to:

  • Uncover and dissolve your limiting beliefs thanks to Sophie’s intuitive, no-nonsense coaching and the horses’ acute sensor for (mis)alignment, which allows you to access your Truth and step into your power as a Woman;

  • Heal your inner child by going deeply and finally listening to her needs and learning how to soothe her, which will allow you to be confident in your own skin and at home with your own self as an adult Woman;

  • See where you’re holding yourself back and what stories you’re telling yourself and change the narrative once and for all, which will allow you to actually change your life and finally feel it’s YOURS;

  • Receive tips & tools to face your inner critic and develop a loving supportive relationship with yourself instead, which will allow you to finally move beyond self-doubt and actually do what you dream of doing;

  • Find the courage to honour your Truth, find and fulfill your mission, finally believe in yourself and actually make a difference in other people’s lives with your unique gifts!



Half day or full day in person experience at Sophie’s home:

You’ll start the day with an equine-assisted coaching session. Afterwards, you’ll receive some life coaching to help you reflect even deeper on what the horses showed you. Then you’ll enjoy a wholesome lunch to round off this profound experience together. A free shuttle service from and to the station of Borgo San Lorenzo is included.

Investment level: € 500


The full day
experience includes another equine-assisted coaching session after lunch and ample reflection time.

Investment level: € 750




Ready to commit to a deeply life-changing coaching programme in which Sophie & her herd help you discover who you truly are – and you learn

The Art of Being a Woman?

  • You will find the answers to the questions that have been keeping you awake at night (“Is this really all there is to life?” – No, there isn’t – and this is how you discover what YOUR life can truly look like!);

  • You will find the courage to make those changes you’ve been dying to make but just have been too afraid to (bye bye, boring steady job, draining relationship and misaligned homebase, hello fulfilling your purpose, loving YOURSELF first and moving to where your heart feels at home);

  • You will get the confidence to live life in alignment with your true self knowing who you are as a Woman and what YOU want in life (you’ll feel on fire, excited and in LOVE with life as a result!)

highly sensitive person
In this six-month online programme you will receive guidance in the form of:

  • Four 75-minute one-to-one recorded coaching sessions on Zoom;

  • Three equine-assisted coaching sessions on WhatsApp video calls;

    This is how that works:

    We’ll set up a video call in which you’ll be able to connect to my horses while they peacefully graze in the garden. Their behaviour will show me what blocks are ready to be worked on and my questions and feedback will facilitate the healing process. The sessions last about an hour.

    When you come here in person you’ll get to touch them, of course, but I must say that the effect online is just as powerful since energy has no boundaries!

    We’ll work on the theme that comes up as the horses work their magic and you’ll be able to release old beliefs, energetic blocks and ideas about yourself and your life that are keeping you stuck.

  • Two emails/messages on Messenger per month;

  • One monthly consultation with my mare Mora in which I ask her to shed her light on your personal situation – her insights are DEEP!

  • Lifelong access to my seven-step signature programme Take the Leap in which you learn to choose yourself and chase your dreams;

  • A free digital copy of my book The YES Woman Manifesto in which you read my story and learn how to live in alignment with your true self as well;

  • BONUS: my high vibe programme The Naturally Abundant Queen in which you release your money blocks and learn how to make money as a coach yourself!

Investment level:

€ 4400 pay in full

€ 750 per month for six months

 Only accessible after a free discovery call which you can book here

My Clients Say It Better

“There aren’t enough words to explain how special Sophie is! She is incredibly intuitive, supportive, and honest in her coaching. Through her, I was able to learn so much more about myself, and to let go of what was holding me back. She helped me learn how to trust myself, and know my worth, so that I could step into my power and be fully authentic to my dreams, goals, and ideal life. I am so grateful for her guidance and friendship. She is a highly sensitive empath, like myself, so she knew exactly what I needed and how to use that quality as an inner strength.  I can’t believe how much my life has changed and the decisions I was able to make with my new found trust in myself. Thank you, Sophie, for bringing so much to my life, and for helping me unravel the layers to let my true light shine! Love you!”

– Jenny Geyser

Jenny Geyser


“MAGNETIC, true, soulful, inspiring, changing. I already thanked you a little bit during our last meeting but you deserve some more words

For me you ARE your calling. You’ve become so good at perceiving source/yourself/everyone around you that it’s almost palpable. You’re like a Jedi to me (that’s a good thing), a spiritual GPS, a guide extraordinaire. Thank you, thank you, thank you, and please keep sharing you.”

– Sanne Toornstra

Anna Manuzzi

“I’m filled with gratitude that you came into my life and are still a part of it. I feel like my life did a 180 turn and sped of in the right direction. The direction that my soul leads me on like a GPS.”

– Anna Manuzzi


 “I acknowledged my inner child, I healed some hidden blocks, I started my own business, I feel much more confident, I learned to show myself more and more of my “true self”. I learned to follow my heart.”

– Patricia Koudstaal

“Sophie’s been my life coach over the past 3 years and my life has changed in ways I never thought imaginable. However, the horse coaching was a unique experience that I will never forget. The way that she is able to pull in different aspects of the powerful, spiritual animal and utilize their sensitivity to help you continue to dig deeper is difficult to put into words to explain. And that is the thing, some parts of our existence, challenges, emotions are difficult to express. Using this style of coaching, I felt like we were able to work on a subconscious, unspoken level where those feelings in me were creating discomfort and disease. Working on this level together, I was able to bring light to what those challenges were, give them a name and make them tangible so that I could resolve them. ✨An amazingly deep experience with an insightful coach that is not to be missed ✨
– Anna Manuzzi
“An online meeting with Sophie and her horses?
How does one prepare for that?
Put on nice clothes? Makeup? Brush your teeth? Oh, horses brush their teeth while eating hay I heard somewhere.
All these thoughts were going through my mind before our meeting. I had no idea what to expect.
Before the meeting, I said keep an open mind and heart and let things unfold and boy, they did – and how?!
Unconscious patterns buried deep within based on judgement and being unkind to oneself.
It strikes me how one carries these burdens without even realising it.
Being a visual person the online version helped me to see a birds eye view.
Often I used to wonder how I could stop doing and start being.
Seeing Mora be, showed me visually how that was possible.
It’s etched in my brain now.
Today I believe it when people say there is no going back to the old version of yourself.
The horse coaching dissolved something so deep I had no idea was blocking me from embodying my new life.
You cannot go back, after it’s brought into your awareness and is dissapated.
Thank you seems hollow but hontouni arigatou is filled with my deepest appreciation.
Much love.
– Vinita

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"There is freedom waiting for you, On the breezes of the sky, And you ask "What if I fall?" Oh but my darling, What if you fly?"

- Erin Hanson
animal communicator

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