Sophie Charlotte

Horse Medicine Woman

I activate horse power codes in my clients together with my herd of horses both in Tuscany & online

I am Horse Medicine Woman

I heal my clients with horse magic.
I activate horse power codes within them together with my herd.
FREEDOM is at the core of my value system and I edge everyone into their own Truth from that urge for freedom within myself.
My quest for freedom is what drives my bones forward and its fire activates my clients to move out of their comfort zones and into their genius zones.
I move them from dull, boring and predictable to the exhilirating leap into the unknown where their endless power, Truth and freedom lie.
Where manifestation magic is at their fingertips and they get turned on by their own magnetism.
Where wishes become commands and attraction moves beyond law and into their natural state of being.
Where piercing Truth erupts from their heart, slides of their tongues and hits the right people’s ears.
Where uncompromising is the deadline they effortlessly walk on and the portal to unending adventure is accessed.
They hold the doorhandle and I show them to it.
I have zero tolerance for fake, misaligned energy and unpure intentions. I sense bullshit from miles away and I either steer away from it or help its source back into alignment with pure Truth.
I am unaplogetic, purifying fire and outrageously bold. I am here to disrupt, to inspire into action and to shift into operating from pure Truth.
That’s how the God energy can flow and upgrade this world.
Finally 🔥


After curing myself from anxiety disorder by following my dream of moving to Florence I wanted to help others follow their dreams too and I became a life coach. Before that I taught English and wrote for a Dutch blog on Italy.


I did my coaching training with an ICF-accredited institute called Advanced Coaching Academy in Rome.

I followed an Acceptance & Commitment Training in Holland.

I continued my self- and business development studies with Divine Living Academy.

I did my equine-assisted coaching training with Equus una vita che cambia®.

I am finalising my training to become an animal communicator with The School of Seership.

Years of Experience

I’ve been coaching my clients since 2015 and have run different programmes, both individual and in group form, in person and online.

Life Coaching

I have an innate sensor for Truth and I am able to sense what it is your Soul truly wants and how you are blocking yourself from getting there.

Thanks to my no-nonsense, yet compassionate coaching approach, I help you dissolve limiting beliefs, design the life that you truly want and dare say yes to yourself so you can finally live in alignment with your true self and make a difference in this world with your unique gifts. 

Horse Medicine

Ever since I’ve had my own equine-assisted coaching experience, I’ve been hooked. I knew this was what I was supposed to do. My Soul felt at home with horses – even though I hadn’t been around them for ages! 

Their sensitivity, their directness and their loving presence have allowed me to heal my own childhood wounds and being able to help others heal together with my own horses now is truly a gift. 

I see myself in horses and being able to work alongside them is a profound privilege. 

Horses are prey animals and therefore have to know whether they can trust you. Once they feel you’re truly present, fully aware of your own emotions and are “simply” being your true self, they love being around you! 

I also feel deeply attracted to horses because they represent the archetype of freedom, which is my number one value in life.

Horse medicine is so incredibly powerful and healing that I truly wish for everyone to experience it for themselves. 

Animal Communication

I’m in the final stages of training of becoming an Animal Communicator.

This means I’m able to have an actual thought conversation with your animal.

If you’re curious to know what your animal is thinking, feeling or wants you to know, then feel free to book an Animal Communication session. 

I have a special introductory rate of only € 50 since I’m very close to getting my diploma.

Book your session here or send me and email at to find out more!

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