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Animal Communication Services

The Art of Animal Communication

I’m able to have a thought conversation with your animal.

I can receive your animal’s thoughts and feelings by creating a telepathic connection through a photo and in our consultation I’ll tell you what I’ve received from them.

I’ve learned how to do this by studying with The Druid College of Seership for two years.

It’s absolutely mindblowing what our animals know – and they are very eager to tell us!

It’s a wonderful experience and really allows you and your animal to bond even deeper.

You can ask questions about their behaviour, their preferences, what they think of you and what they’d maybe like some more, or a little less of.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to show your animal even more love by giving them exactly what makes them happy? 

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I so enjoyed my session with Sophie and my sweet little Lola! It was amazing to see her connect with her on a deeper level, and so special to learn more about Lola, through Sophie! She described her favorite treat and where she loves to play in the park! Sophie’s gift of animal communication is really magical, and I’d love to do another session with her in the future!

– Jenny

I have noticed their relationship deepening

Thank you Sophie for facilitating this new way to connect with Dante. I really enjoyed our session and appreciated some of the insights that you brought to my attention. Apparently Dante doesn’t only think about food. Specifically about his feelings toward my partner, I have noticed their relationship deepening. Thank you for this unique and beautiful experience.

– Brì

I felt a sense of gratitude & relief after Sophie shared her observation of Juju.

Sophie is a compassionate & intuitive animal communicator. I asked her to connect with one of our goats- Juju, because of an event that happened during the night that caused her to be injured & in distress. 

Sophie’s insight into Juju’s traumatic episode was extremely helpful. She was also able to share some information that Juju wanted me to know about, in case there was a possibility I could help fulfill her request. Sophie picked up on her personality, as well as Juju’s other goat friends. I felt a sense of gratitude & relief after Sophie shared her observation of Juju.

Thanks again for your help with Juju!

– Linda

It was so revealing

I was very fortunate to have Sophie say ‘yes’ to my request for a session with her as a student of  animal communication. She was very objective to ensure that she didn’t get any glimpses of my thoughts before she tapped into engaging with my horse. Whilst her comments seemed candid, they held a remarkable element of truth and insight to his nature, for which I felt so honoured to hear first hand. It was so revealing that I chose to follow up the session with another one, which again made perfect sense to me about some of his rather unusual behaviour. 

The experience was enriching and Sophie was professional and honest throughout the sessions about what she was hearing/seeing from my horse. I thank her for taking the time to listen in to him, and it has helped me understand the character that he is. Thank you Sophie,  it was a truly remarkable experience to have you hear what he had to say.

– Tracey

I would recommend trying it out

I have two cats and have had them since they were babies. I thought I knew pretty much everything about them but boy, was I wrong

Sophie interacted with both of them (on different occasions) during her training and was able to help me figure some things out. One of my cats is on the heavier side and because of her health I wanted to help her lose some weight. Sophie was able to tap into what works best for her and gave me and my partner some tips as to how to engage with her. I think our relationship changed and regardless of her weight (which I do think has gone down a little) she is happier and more connected to us and the other cat. 

The other cat told Sophie all kinds of funny things and it was fascinating to look at life from his perspective. 

The strange thing is, I don’t know how this type of communication works but it works and I would recommend trying it out, even if just to get to know more about the animals around you. You might be surprised what wisdom they have in store for you

Sophie makes everything very easy and knows what needs attention. She is the bomb!

– Sanne

She helped me understand my cat

Sophie knew right away that my cat was the independent, non-cuddly type of feline. She helped me understand that my cat Stella was not miaowing to ask something of me, but to simply tell me that she was there for me! In a way my cat is a responsible and giving soul and she is looking out for me. She told Sophie that when she interrupts my work at the computer, she sees me as being overly focused on something that is unnatural and believes I should come back to reality, be mindful, not so much for her, but mainly for myself. This turns around my perception that we humans are the ones who take care of our pets: they sometimes take on a parental role also! Thank you Sophie for taking the time to share your talent and thank you for your patience.

– Josée

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