DARE to live your Truth

Not living my Truth caused me anxiety disorder. It was pure hell and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy – if I had any.

Living my Truth of moving to Italy cured me from the anxiety disorder.

And so I learned that the most important thing is the ALWAYS live my Truth – even if it’s scary AF.

I now live in the countryside in Tuscany with my herd of horses, two dogs and my Italian partner. I help other women with anxiety become audacious, so they too dare live their Truth.

It’s the only way to a life that you won’t have any regrets about, so you’ll be able to die a happy woman at the very end. Which is the only thing that truly matters.

Daring to live your Truth brings freedom, fulfilment and a whole lotta what the fuck moments – which will all be worth it.

I’d be honoured to guide you on this daring journey towards living your own Truth together with my herd in Dare – From Anxious to Audacious.

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End result

You’ll come away with: 

  • the courage to go for what you want and the drive to actually follow through and not give up mid-leap, which has been getting you back to square one so many times already;

  • strong self-confidence so that you can set clear boundaries and dare to trust that what feels right to you is actually right for you – and not for others (family/friends/partner, etc.);

  • no longer caring about what others think or feel and putting yourself first so that your life will finally feel like it’s actually YOURS;

  • really feeling ready to go for your dreams, because you’ll have dissolved all your blocks that were getting in the way (“can I do this?”, “but what if I fail?”, “but what if I succeed?” etc.). 

What You Get

Dare is a six-month online journey which includes:

  • Four 75-minute one-to-one recorded Zoom calls in which my no-nonsense coaching gets you out of your own way and in touch with your Truth – and you’ll dare to actually take action to make the changes you want to make;

  • Four 75-minute Horse Magic calls on Messenger with the horses & me which will show you exactly what is holding you back and  where to look to find your own power back;

  • Lifelong access to my online DIY programme Take the Leap which gets you hands on techniques to deal with your fear so it’s no longer a problem;

  • A digital copy of my book The YES Woman Manifesto in which I share my own story of how I’ve cured myself from anxietry disorder by living in alignment with my true self;

  • Messenger chats between calls for ongoing support and those WTF-moments that will definitely come your way – but won’t have to stop you any longer!

From Anxious to Audacious

Anxiety is a liar; everything it says is not true.

But when you don’t know this, you believe ever piece of BS it throws at you. And so you stay stuck, being convinced that that knot in your stomach, those sweaty palms, that racing heart and head need to be avoided at all costs.

And so you do NOTHING that causes you anxiety anymore.

Out of FEAR of your anxiety.

But here’s the plot twist: anxiety is not your enemy; it’s actually your friend.

Say what? Yes, hear me out. 

It’s showing you where something’s off, misaligned and needs to get placed back in accordance with your Truth.

Only when you live your Truth can you be free of anxiety.

And then you’ll want to live even more Truth and its head will pop back up, so it will always be a friendly companion in your life, but that doesn’t have to be a problem anymore – if you won’t let it be.

That’s the whole catch.

Anxiety is there to help, not to stop you from living life in accordance with your Truth.

And I’ll help you see it that way and not let it stop you anymore, so you’ll actually dare live your Truth and do what you’ve always wanted to, like set up your business, move country, leave your relationship or create a new one.

It doesn’t matter what it is – what matters is that your anxiety is telling you that it MATTERS to you and it is therefore of the essence that you DARE go there – and stop avoiding it because of your fear of the anxiety it causes.

When you dare, you’re free.

And that’s how I live my life and have been able to go for everything my heart had already said YES to.

Now it’s your turn.

If you want me in your corner, book a free discovery call and we’ll talk about the details.

Only if your heart has already said yes, though – and you secretly already know that.

The Myth

Colourless, bland; is the colour of the life unlived.

Neatly kept in check in its safety zone, never ventured out, nowhere even, let alone the unknown.

Where life lives.

Stand still.
Hold fast.

Stretching is prohibited for the tasteless.

The dreaded fear.

It comes o so near every time one dares to venture out of the comfort zone.

That is not so comfortable after all.

When looking back on the life unlived.

The deafening numbness of the tomb closing on your last chance to live the life – and say I lived!

Doing nothing is death.

Daring greatly is the life that’s lived.

To you, the choice.

My dear fellow human trying to give meaning to life.

So why not live, you say?

And dare.

To see wat could have been and turn that into the Truth actually lived.


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