Trust Yourself & Live Your Truth

Group Programme

Rooted - Trust Yourself & Live Your Truth

Get out of overwhelm, insecurity and overthinking and step into solid rootedness within yourself, embodied self-confidence and unshakeable self-belief;
The secret to my lead mare Mora’s self-confidence is not of the mind; it’s of the Being and we’ll teach this art together in this three-month group programme starting January 1st.
Learn to trust yourself and finally live your Truth.
Get out of the mind, lock into the body. Find solid rootedness within yourself.
Access that full self-trust and finally dare live life the way you truly want to.

We start January 9th.

Five out of six spots available.  

End result

You’ll come away with: 

  • solid rootedness within yourself;

  • unapologetic self-confidence;

  • full self-trust;

  • daring to speak and live your Truth;

  • and finally feeling free to do what you really want to do.

Your hosts

Mora and I will lead this three-month journey towards you finding solid rootedness within yourself.

Mora brings a deep sense of grounding to me and my clients and is therefore the perfect muse for this  deep journey within ourselves.

She is women empowerment in horse form, unapologetically takes up her space and gets her needs met – no matter what.

She’ll show us her ways and I’ll translate her profound, no-nonsense messages for us.


We’ll get together in a private Facebook group and we’ll meet on bi-weekly weekly recorded Zoom meetings from 7-8.30pm. There will be three Rooted Assignments per month and you’ll share your learnings and answers in the group. I’ll also go live with Mora in the group every other week, so you can be grounded thanks to her rooted energy, I’ll share her insights and we’ll answer all your questions right there on the spot.

What to expect?

You’ll get access to the private Facebook group from January 9th to get started with the first Rooted Assignment and get to know the other women.

We’ll also kick off with our first live session with Mora on Monday January 9th and on January 20th with the first Zoom call.

We’ll meet on bi-weekly live calls with Mora on Mondays from 3pm – 3.30pm and on bi-weekly recorded Zoom calls on Fridays from 7-8.30pm. All times are Rome time.

These are the dates:

Calls with Mora:

9, 23 January

6, 20  February

6, 20 March

Zoom calls:

20 January

3, 17 February

3,  17, 31 March


The energy became dense as I was allowing the rain to cover my coat.
Dogs drenched.
Mora holding my gaze.
She was sending her sense to me.
The sense of her; the secret to her Being.
The energy became even denser, time slowed down and then ceased to exist.
Raindrops hitting my h e a d.
I felt as if two pillars were holding me upright.
One in front, one behind.
I could let go, I was held up.
Landed in my feet, the ground pulling at my boots.
I felt fully rooted within myself.
Nothing could possibly ever faze me anymore.
I’d be able to move the world with my solid energy.
I was.
I was fully present in my energy body.
That’s her secret.
And she made me sense it.
I was unstoppable.
Not because I knew I was, but because I felt I was.
And that’s the difference with everything that you’re being taught out there.
That is the mind.
This is the Being.
This is the energy.
This is the mastery.
This is the key to it all.
No words are needed.
It’s a way of Being.
Let Mora and me teach you in Rooted – Trust Yourself & Live Your Truth.
You’ll land in your own body and be so rooted, no thought or feeling will hold any power over you any longer.
This is the next level that you’ve been searching for.
Drop the mind. Enter the energetics.
And be amazed at the power you hold.


Join Rooted - Trust Yourself & Live Your Truth

Pay in full:  € 1250

A payment plan of € 500 now, followed by three monthly payments of € 250 is available too.

Save your spot by clicking the button below if you’re paying by credit card.

If you’re in Europe and can pay by bank transfer, please email me at and I’ll send you my IBAN. 

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