Lead Your Life Like Mora

A Six-Week Group Programme

SUPREMELY - Lead Your Life Like Mora

Get out of overwhelm, insecurity and anxiety and step into solid rootedness within yourself, embodied self-confidence and unshakeable self-belief;
The secret to Mora’s self-confidence is not of the mind, it’s of the Being.
Join SUPREMELY – Lead Your Life Like Mora and learn how to hold yourself like the Sovereign of your own life, become truly unstoppable, giving 0 fucks about what anyone thinks and finally going for what you really want in life.
Learn to trust yourself fully.
Out of the mind, into the body. Solid rootedness within yourself.
No swaying, no fazing, no distractions.
Full focus on YOU and lead life the way you truly want to.

We start December 15th.

Six spots available. 

Six modules. 

Six weeks.


End result

You’ll come away with: 

  • solid rootedness within yourself;

  • unapologetic self-confidence; 

  • giving 0 fucks about what others think or feel;

  • and finally feeling free to do what you really want to do.

Your hosts

Mora and I will lead this six-week journey towards you becoming the supreme leader of your life.

I have written the modules; she has instructed and inspired me.

Mora is women empowerment in horse form. She rules her life like a true Queen and holds the herd in her regal energy.

Mora Knows, and Mora teaches you how to apply these principles to your own life and Lead Your Life Like Mora.


We’ll get together in a private Facebook group and we’ll meet on weekly recorded Zoom meetings from 7-8.30pm. The modules will be sent by email each week and you’ll share your learnings and answers in the group. I’ll also go live with Mora in the group once a week and share her insights and we’ll answer all your questions.

What to expect?

When you sign up, you’ll get a pre-work module sent to you right away, which gives you clarity on what you want to get out of this programme and what your main focus point is.

You’ll get access to the private Facebook group from December 1st onwards to share your pre-work answers and to get to know the other women.

We officially kick off December 15th with the first Zoom call.

We’ll meet on weekly recorded Zoom calls on Thursdays from 7-8.30pm Rome time.

These are the dates:

15, 22 December

(break on the 29th because I’ll be in Holland)

5, 12, 19, 26 January

In the end, it will be a little more than six weeks, but the hardcore work is all packed in six modules and six weeks of full focus on YOU.

These are the modules:

  1. Complete Rootedness Within Yourself;

  2. Unapologetically Take Up Your Space;

  3. Put Yourself and Your Needs First;

  4. Set Fierce Boundaries & Ask for What You Need;

  5. Give 0 Fucks About What Others Think;

  6. Go for What You Want Without Looking Back.

How Mora Leads

Mora is self-confident, solidly present in her own energy, detached from other people’s approval and very self-centred.

She values herself deeply and fully owns that.

She unapologetically puts herself first.

Many of my clients tend to automatically care for others first, wanting to get their approval before they can make themselves and their own needs matter.

Mora knows she matters.

And because she knows she matters, she shows up for herself fully and takes up her space unapologetically.

She owns that she matters.

She fully is. She embodies full presence. She lives her life fully.

She has taken charge of her own life and leads the herd with her empowered energy.

She commands with her energy. She embodies powerful feminine energy. And with that she rules her world and is independent, self-sufficient and deeply rooted within herself.

She inspires awe because of her majestic presence and deep self-confidence.

She needs no one to approve of her and that makes her unfuckwithable – deeply rooted within her own Truth, unapologetically taking up her own space and the absolute dictator of her own life.

What she says goes – and nobody dares to oppose her.

Mora IS and leads the herd with supremacy.

I’m in awe of her powerful presence every day.

Imagine you were more like Mora.

  • You’d stop making excuses.
  • You’d stop putting others first.
  • You’d stop sabotaging your own happiness.

Imagine that.

Mora & I are teaming up and teaching you her majestic ways in this six-week journey to reclaim your own power, deeply root within yourself and become Miss Unfuckwithable yourself.

No one will stop you any longer from going for what you truly want.

Including you.


The energy became dense as I was allowing the rain to cover my coat.

Dogs drenched.

Mora holding my gaze.

She was sending her sense to me.

The sense of her; the secret to her Being.

The energy became even denser, time slowed down and then ceased to exist.

Raindrops hitting my h e a d.

I felt as if two pillars were holding me upright.

One in front, one behind.
I could let go, I was held up.

Landed in my feet, the ground pulling at my boots.


I felt fully rooted within myself.

Nothing could possibly ever phase me anymore.

I’d be able to move the world with my solid energy.

I was.


I was fully present in my energy body.

That’s her secret.

And she made me sense it.

I was unstoppable.

Not because I knew I was, but because I felt I was.

And that’s the difference with everything that you’re being taught out there.

That is the mind.

This is the Being.

This is the energy.
This is the mastery.
This is the key to it all.


No words are needed.

It’s a way of Being.

Let Mora teach you in SUPREMELY – Lead Your Life Like Mora.

You’ll land in your own body and be so rooted, no thought or feeling will hold any power over you any longer.

This is the next level that you’ve been searching for.

Drop the mind. Enter the energetics.

And be amazed at the power you hold.

Join SUPREMELY - Lead Your Life Like Mora

Investment: 1000 euro

BONUS: sign up by November 30th and get a reading with  Mora for free! She’ll shed her light on your personal situation and I’ll relay them to you in writing. Her insights are really profound and spot on.

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