Take the Leap

A unique, digital seven-step coaching programme that allows you to get the courage to make that life-changing move and reach the freedom & fulfilment you’ve been looking for.


Do you…

  • Secretly feel that there’s so much more out there for you?
  • Have visions of yourself feeling really, really happy?
  • Know that you just have something great to give to the world?
  • Have a power inside that is waiting to come out?
  • Feel passionate, full of life and bursting with creativity?
  • Feel inspired and know that you can contribute in an extremely meaningful way?



  • Do your negative thoughts ruin it all?
  • Does your doubt keep you stuck?
  • Does your vision get blurry because of anxiety?
  • Does your mind tell you to “stop dreaming and just get back to work”?
  • Do you feel you don’t really deserve it to be happy?
  • Are you afraid you don’t really have what it takes?
  • Is fear blocking you in basically every step you take?



  • Do you feel that you can’t stay in this indecisive limbo any longer?
  • Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?
  • Are you afraid that you’re missing out on a much better life?
  • Do you hate yourself for being ‘such a scaredy-cat’ and feel hopeless because of  all the self-criticism?
  • All you do is talk about it, but don’t know how to make it happen?
  • Your worst nightmare is looking back on your life regretting that you never dared to take the leap?



Take the Leap will allow you to:

  • Get crystal clear on what it is you really want;
  • See exactly what is standing in your way;
  • Move beyond negative thoughts;
  • Overcome your fear;
  • Become a master manifestor;
  • Move towards your dream
    And then…
  • Confidently take the leap!


Step 1: Status Quo Session
Get Clarity Through Honesty

Step 2: Meet Your New Bff: YOU
Make Your Happiness Happen by Choosing Yourself

Step 3: Not Minding the Mind
Take Some Distance from Your Mind’s Rambling & Set Yourself Free

Step 4: Feel Your Fear
Let Go of Your Fear by Letting It in

Step 5: Design Your Dream
Dive into the Dirty Details of Your Own Dream

Step 6: Manifestation Magic
Feel Your Dream into Reality

Step 7: Take the Leap
Trust Your Gut and Finally Do It


Every step contains loads of exercises, audio files, videos and inspirational material that will allow you to take your personal leap. These are all the steps that have gotten me where I am now: feeling extremely fulfilled by doing what I love and living the life of my dreams. I’m so excited to be able to help you do the same!

Please, note that this is a digital, self-study course in English to which you’ll get lifelong access and these Terms & Conditions apply.

What others have said:

Take the Leap changed me, my way of thinking, adopting new positive habits.

It challenged me in daring to think outside of the box, what I truly want in life.

Smart exercises that have brought me new useful insights.

Take the leap made me feel I wasn’t alone in all of this, being stuck.

I still look at the program in this time. Best money ever spent! I feel a different person because of this 🙂

– Florianne op den Akker

I also gave myself permission to want what I wanted

Through the Take the Leap programme, I’ve been able to identify the limiting beliefs and fears that were standing between me and the life I wanted.

Through the exercises and working one-on-one with Sophie, I gained clarity regarding my true desires and my blocks that were preventing me from getting to them.

I also gave myself permission to want what I wanted without feeling guilty, which was incredibly liberating, like a weight was lifted off my shoulders.

My personal challenge was simply overcoming my fear, which I think is one of the biggest challenges for everyone.

I also found that my goals shifted over the course of a year, mostly because I achieved my original goal of moving to Italy, and I sometimes had trouble deciding what to focus on (i.e. career goals, finance, fulfilment etc).

Thanks to this programme I have been able to move to Italy, learn Italian, find a job, and make a new life for myself! But more importantly, I’ve learned critical thinking and reflection tools that have helped me strengthen my relationship with myself.

I understand now that everything I need to succeed in any area of my life is already within me. I just have to get quiet and clear and then put the work in. Thank you Sophie!!”

– Megan Leigh Peterson


Why Take the Leap?

I’ve written this programme to help ambitious women like you take the leap and choose themselves and their own happiness.

Whether this means opening up your own shop, becoming a fashion designer, turning yourself into a famous blogger, travelling the world, becoming an actress, moving abroad, changing careers, setting up a charity or becoming a pole dancer; whatever it is, your dream matters. And now you can finally make it count.

[your mistrusting mind enters the stage]

But why on earth would you expose yourself so much that you could risk being rejected? Or fail and then be rejected?

Well, let me answer that.

This fear of rejection is keeping us from living up to our full potential and therefore from fulfilling our mission in life. By not showing up, by hiding away and by playing it small we deny the world what it needs from us: our greatness.

[your mind again]

Yeah, right.

Yes, you are great – we all are – we just need to see it.

Once you recognize and dare to celebrate your greatness, will you contribute to the world in the most meaningful way possible. You are here for a reason and discovering what that is and then taking the responsibility to live it up to the fullest is what will allow you to die a happy woman.

You want to make it count. You want to matter. So make it count & make it matter. The only one who can do that is you.

[your mind]

And what about me?

We’ll deal with your mind and its sabotaging interventions in the programme, in step 3 to be precise.

For now I’d like you to see that with this programme you’ll be able to do step up your game and follow your dreams.

So are you ready to see your own greatness and take your responsibility for YOUR life?

Let’s take the leap towards your own freedom – and thereby making the world a better place.




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