The Empowered Woman Group Programme

An intimate journey together with five other women on a quest to their most empowered selves

The Empowered Woman Group Programme

I downloaded this group programme while I was enjoying afternoon sex with my man.

It’s been a-coming – pun intended.

I’m on a journey myself in which I’ve been exploring and healing my sexuality through self-pleasure and intentional intercourse. 

I’ve healed my relationship with the masculine and have therefore been able to feel completely safe in my feminine.

No need to be guarded, self-protecting or armoured anymore.

I can let go and let in. Release and receive. Surrender and submit.

This allows for the vital flow of life to freely move through me.

It’s all energy; and when there’s no more obstacles, all that is meant for us will come our way.

The Empowered Woman Group Programme is about allowing yourself to be as powerful as you truly are, as BIG as you truly are and to manifest as your FULL self.

Sexuality, abundance, pleasure, play, purpose included.

This is all about allowing the juices to flow and riding the waves of the Universal energy that supports us all the way – if we let it.

We just need to become aware of the trauma-informed safety mechanisms we have in place, embrace them and release them so they can get out of our way.

We’ll clear out the debris, clean up the blockages and purify our energy streams.

What will come next will blow your mind.

Join me on this adventure to your most fully empowered self, where you won’t let any more bullshit into your life and will only go for the very best.

Because you are the very best.

Clear boundaries.
Grounded presence.
Self-affirmation felt within your bones.

The Journey Details

A four-month group programme consisting of:

  • 8 fortnightly recorded Zoom calls of 1,5 hours each;
  • 12 assignments that will help you step into your most empowered self;
  • Exclusive access to a private Facebook group in which you share this intimate & empowering journey together with five other women.


After four months of journeying together you will:

  • feel sexy AF and connected to your yoni power;
  • dare to speak up for yourself and firmly stand your ground;
  • dare go for what you truly want and feel energised because of it;
  • say goodbye to everything in your life that has “bullshit” written on it;
  • feel on fire, deeply aligned and extremely empowered finally daring to be your majestic self.


Early bird is valid until July 14th (our six-year anniversary!) 

€ 999

After that, the price will go up by € 100 every week until € 1500 max mid-August.

We start September 1st

About previous group programmes

“Sophie’s groups bring nothing short of magic – I found support, laughter, insight, sharing, and the courage to make a life-altering decision. 

And, just as importantly, the women in the group have become a family – we love and support each other completely. 

Thank you, Sophie, for your ability to open me up to the possibilities and helping me to get out of my own way.”

– Sally Ramsey in The Wild Women Circles

a guide extraordinaire

“MAGNETIC, true, soulful, inspiring, changing.

I already thanked you a little bit during our last meeting but you deserve some more words.

For me you ARE your calling. 

You’ve become so good at perceiving source/yourself/everyone around you that it’s almost palpable. 

You’re like a Jedi to me (that’s a good thing), a spiritual GPS, a guide extraordinaire. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you, and please keep sharing you!”

– Sanne Toornstra in The Wild Woman


“Everytime I think this is it, I’ve seen it all with Sophie, you make an upgrade that speaks straight to my heart.

I feel a deep connection with you and as mentioned, know that we crossed paths for a reason.

You are simply gold and everyone you come in contact with is blessed with this same energy.

You are a seeker at your core and thank you for facilitating this space. You pushed and I loved every minute of it.

This course was all I was doing at some point. From this course came breakthroughs that I never imagined.

– New healthy habits for my body;

– A new work contract;

– Trust to follow those nudges and not judge;

– This group of beautiful women who I cannot wait to meet;

– The shift from looking at life from a suffering point of view to things will work out point of view;

I started working with you in 2018. Today I have a new life. A life I could never have imagined when we started working together.


– Vinita in The Wild Woman

Feel called to set out on this journey together?

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