The Empowered Woman

Set out on your heroine's journey in which you reconnect to your own inner power, learn to fully trust yourself and finally dare create the life you truly dream of.

The Empowered Woman

This journey is not for the faint of heart; it is only for the courageous ones. 

The women who dare live with their hearts wide open and who crave more than just the nine-to-five life.

This is for the adventurers, the woman who Knows there’s more between Heaven and Earth and who deeply desires to follow the strong pull of her heart for a more profound way of living.

BUT she’s scared to death.

She’s afraid she’ll fail. She wonders what will happen if she doesn’t make it. She is stuck in anxious thoughts about how, when and why – all the while being even more afraid she’s wasting her precious time here on Earth.

That woman is you; that’s why you’re reading this page.

I know you because I used to be you.

Scared shitless yet with a slightly bigger drive to find out what else was possible for me.

I’ve just kept on following that curiously courageous voice and have taken leap after leap into a fully aligned life for myself.

I now help highly sensitive women do the same together with my horses in Tuscany.

This is the life I once dreamed of.

What’s yours?

This journey will allow you to release any limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck going round in circles, it will reconnect you to your Truth, your inner power and help you fully believe in yourself so that you will dare take that crucial leap too.

I’ll be right there by your side; together with my herd.

We’ll hold you on your way to creating the life you truly dream of.

Ready. Set. Go!


What this journey entails

Six months of guidance in the form of:

  • 8 Online Horse Magic sessions of 75 minutes each;
  • Unlimited access to my self-study programmes;
  • Messenger chat support between our sessions.


After six months of working with me and my herd you will:

  • feel sure of yourself and your choices;
  • dare to speak up for yourself;
  • go your own way even if others don’t agree or understand;
  • leave draining sources in your life and create and attract nourishing ones;
  • feel alive and in alignment with your own Truth.


One payment of 3333 euro

Pay-in-full bonus: FREE access to The Empowered Woman Group Programme starting September 1st (value 999 euro)

Payment plan: six monthly payments of 555,50 euro

What others have said:

I’ve worked with Sophie online both in a one-on-one as well as group setting.

Once I even had a session with the horses which is a fascinating and truly touching experience since they just mirror one’s behavior. 

While as a coach she won’t give straightforward answers, but rather wants her coachees to find their own, it’s important to note, she always guides from and with her heart.

My personal “take away” from working with Sophie has been that she has empowered me to own, speak and show my truth, which is something that I have kept hidden in a lot of situations.

– Ellen

Live your truth

I have worked with Sophie since 2018 and highly recommend her as a life coach.

Sophie has helped me through big transitions in my life.

In May 2022 we were at Sophie’s for a day retreat and the work she has been doing with the horses is simply life changing. It is deep transformational work.

Sophie Charlotte’s experience and willingness to confront her own self gives her the ability to help her clients make deep and significant shifts in their own lives.

I have experienced Sophie’s work both online and offline and both are equally effective and transformational.

Thank you Sophie for all your support, and in sharing your own life you show others to live their own truth.

– Vinita


The magic of working with Sophie is that just in booking a session with her, before we even set up a call, my life starts falling back into alignment again. 

One session alone is powerful. 

All the work we’ve done together has transformed my life.

– Anna Manuzzi

Feel called to set out on this journey?

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