The Wild Woman


Learn to finally trust yourself,

follow your intuition,

and come home to the truth of who you really are.

Welcome to The Wild Woman – a group programme based on the reading of Women Who Run with the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estés.

 This is where you reconnect to your intuition, trust your inner knowing and fully follow what feels right to you.

This is where you become that Woman you truly are; clear, fierce and fully focussed on creating the best life for yourself and thereby deeply touching the lives of others.

This is it. Time to come home to your true self.

Are you ready?

Your guide

My name is Sophie Charlotte and I’m a Soul Mission Mentor for highly sensitive women. Together with my horses I help my clients live in alignment with their true selves and find what is blocking them in their lives.

I live in the Tuscan countryside with my man, our two dogs and three horses and absolutely love all things Nature, Spirituality and am totally committed to helping my clients find Truth.

The Wild Woman

I love the Archetype of The Wild Woman: She Who Knows – She who fully trusts her intuition and navigates blindly on her feelings.

I am a highly sensitive woman and so following my gut and feelings is key in living a life that is in alignment with my true self. It has allowed me to create a life I truly love and I desire to help you do the same.

The book Women Who Run with the Wolves allows you to get to know The Wild Woman within yourself and discover that you’re so much more powerful than you think you are.

You’ll feel unstoppable, on fire and totally ready to make the changes you’ve been wanting to make.

Group Programme

This four-month long group programme is focussed on allowing you to trust yourself more, follow your intuition and create a life you truly love. If you’re struggling with self-doubt, procrastination, unclarity and anxiety then this is for you.

We’ll unite in a private Facebook group and on fortnightly recorded Zoom calls and journey through the book together, while also completing Soul Assignments.

A safe sisterhood for you to explore your deepest Truth in.

Meet your other five Wild Women in the safety of a private Facebook group and explore your most profound depths together.

This is about finding your Truth and running with it.

No one else’s; yours.


We’ll let Nature be our greatest teacher and I’ll invite you to connect to trees, ground to the Earth, listen to the Wind and sit with Fire as you dive into the deepest Waters.

You’ll get to know your truest self with the help of the elements, Shamanic journeying, meditations and visualisations.

This is where you meet other “weird” women like yourself and will finally feel at home.

The Wild Women Retreat

The four-month group programme runs from January to April - and then we will get together at my home in Tuscany in May!

The Retreat is exclusively accessible to the women who've joined this Group programme, so you'll feel safe and secure to express yourself fully - and you'll get to meet your Soul sisters in real life!

This is an add-on option and can be paid for by the end of February.

The Wild Woman Group Programme

Start: 01/01/2022

End: 30/04/2022

6 spots available

8 fortnightly Zoom calls on Fridays 7pm-8.30pm

Early bird price: € 999 (available till 30/11/2021)

Regular price: € 1250

Terms & Conditions apply, see below.

If you’re in Europe, please contact me at and I’ll send you my IBAN for the payment.

What previous Wild Women have said

“MAGNETIC, true, soulful, inspiring, changing.

I already thanked you a little bit during our last meeting but you deserve some more words

For me you ARE your calling. You’ve become so good at perceiving source/yourself/everyone around you that it’s almost palpable. You’re like a Jedi to me (that’s a good thing), a spiritual GPS, a guide extraordinaire. Thank you, thank you, thank you, and please keep sharing you.”

– Sanne Toornstra in The Wild Woman


“Everytime I think this is it, I’ve seen it all with Sophie, you make an upgrade that speaks straight to my heart. I feel a deep connection with you and as mentioned, know that we crossed paths for a reason. You are simply gold and everyone you come in contact with is blessed with this same energy. You are a seeker at your core and thank you for facilitating this space. You pushed and I loved every minute of it. This course was all I was doing at some point. From this course came breakthroughs that I never imagined.

– New healthy habits for my body

– A once a week independent contract after not having worked in an office for 15 years. I’ve only been twice but I cannot tell you how much joy this gives me.

– Trust to follow those nudges and not judge

– This group of beautiful women who I cannot wait to meet.

– The shift from looking at life from a suffering point of view to things will work out point of view.

I started working with you in 2018. Today I have a new life. A life I could never have imagined when we started working together.


– Anonymous in The Wild Woman

"Sophie - La Que Sabe, she who knows. Your intuitive leadership brought six diverse women from four (or five?) different countries into a circle of support, love, and growth. You created a safe space for sharing, all this while going through some serious changes yourself! Your guidance, acceptance, and encouragement has been an uplifting experience, as always. Thank you."
- Sally Ramsey in The Wild Woman