The Wild Women Retreat

Horse Magic Retreat for Wild Women who LOVE Italy and are ready to face their own shadows together with my herd and meet their new Soul sisters while deeply immersed in Nature.

The Wild Women Retreat

Welcome to my home!

Can’t wait to introduce you to my herd of horses and my two dogs here in the beautiful hills of Tuscany!

During The Wild Women Retreat we’ll get together to immerse ourselves in all things Nature;

  • You’ll be welcomed by the magical space the horses dwell in and be amazed at the peace it brings you;

  • You’ll connect with the horses and receive their medicine;

  • You’ll play with the dogs and have heartfelt fun;

  • You’ll ground your energy into the Earth and feel peace;

  • You’ll enjoy delicious Italian vegetarian home-made food;

  • You’ll make new lifelong friendships.

If this sounds like your kind of paradise, then sign up for the Wild Women Retreat happening on Saturday 16 September

Price: € 500

The total amount of participants is 6. There are currently 5 spots available.

Accommodation is not included; a shuttle service from the station of Borgo San Lorenzo or a local agriturismo is included.

The Retreat starts at approximately 10 am and ends at 7 pm.

Coffee/tea, water, lunch and aperitivo are included.


Welcome tea & coffee chat;
Grounding meditation with the trees, the Earth and my shamanic drum;
Group Horse Medicine sessions;
Moments of exchange in this safe sisterhood;
Scrumptious vegetarian lunches;
Delicious aperitivo;
Shuttle service;
And so much more…

Your host

My name is Sophie Charlotte and I’m a Horse Medicine Woman. I help my clients slay their shadows and reconnect to their Truth together with my horses in Tuscany & online. I’m Dutch and have lived in Tuscany since 2010 and I LOVE it here! I’m highly sensitive, deeply spiritual and feel totally at home with animals and in Nature.


We’ll meet at my home, situated in the Mugello area of Tuscany. We’ll spend most of our time outdoors, enjoying the Tuscan sun, the animals and the peace & quiet of Nature.

What to expect?

We’ll get together with a group of only six women to guarantee intimacy and quality time for each and everyone of you with the horses.
Every time I put a group of women with my herd, true magic happens.
I step into my Genius and know what to say when to whom.
I see what the horses are dying to show you and make sure you get the message.
It’s not all fun and pony rides, though.
It’s deep shadow-slaying healing work that brings you back to your Truth.
You’ll see dysfunctional patterns materialise right in front of your eyes;
You’ll feel where you’re abandoning yourself while you were convinced it were the others who were abandoning you;
You’ll see how you’re giving your power away by not taking up your space and not taking a stand for what you want.
Horses unveil your Truth; that is, if you’re willing to look into that mirror.
If you dare, you’ll come back home to yourself and see that beyond those shadows, the light was there waiting for you all along, simply waiting to be seen.

The Myth

The drum awakens your bones into action.

The galloping hooves hitting the ground awaken your spirit.

The solidity of the trees pulls you down into your own grounding.

That other woman tearing her heart open for us all to see catapults you into doing the same and before you know it, you’re sharing your darkest secrets.

The ones you thought you’d never tell a soul.

And here you are, feeling safe, supported and surrounded by the same energy.


There is no stopping you any longer as you follow the rhythm The Wild Women Retreat has awoken in you and you run with the wolves towards the life that you are ravenously hungry for.

Wild horses couldn’t even stop you from getting there.

If this speaks to your Soul and activates your bones into action then save your spot for one of the two Wild Women Retreats either in June or September. 


As someone who couldn’t stop (over)thinking and is cerebral to the max (like I used to be) I found equine therapy to be the BOMB! Sophie is wonderfully intuitive and works with her horses as though they are one entity. She knows what to ask and in which way to ask those questions and she and her horses provide a safe and loving environment in which you can truly be you and work on stuff you never could reach by just talking. Go to San Cresci and grow naturally!

– Sanne

I have attended three retreats hosted by Sophie.  Each retreat was life-changing! When like-minded women come together and have the same energy, the results are truly magical! During the retreat, Sophie really makes you dig deep and discover things about yourself that you truly buried. Every human being on this planet has issues, and when you listen to other people’s stories, you understand that you are not alone, and that we all have struggles. I love that every woman that has attended one of Sophie’s retreats have had eye opening revelations! You will walk away from the experience a better woman, and a stronger woman!  

At the last Retreat I had a mini session with one of her horses. I am still processing the miraculous turn of events. I would not have believed it happened if I did not experience it for myself. I do not know much about horses, but I was told that I am a pet medium, and that doesn’t surprise me because animals have always responded well to me.  Mr. Timo changed me. He confirmed what I already knew, what I had to be shown, a reminder of who I am. This horse, Mr. Timo, walked up to me and bowed his head for what seems to have felt like a few minutes. I knew exactly what he was telling me. I was just stunned that a horse was doing this! That was truly a wonderful gift! Animals are so pure, they don’t lie, they don’t deceive, they just ARE. And they read your energy in the same manner. I will never forget that experience as long as I live.  I replay it all the time, and will continue to do so, as a reminder to always be regal. I am forever grateful! 

– Monique

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