True Nature

A six-month journey in which you come back home to yourself, connect to your deepest Truth and thrive as a natural result.

My name is Sophie Charlotte and together with my herd I help women come home to themselves, own their True Nature and thrive.

Our journey together leads to inner peace, self-trust and a deep sense of fulfilment.

I’ve become the purest version of myself through the time I spend with my horses and by simply being in contact with Nature.
I’ve let go of the masks, the layers and most of all the striving for anything.
I was taught that to get what I wanted, I needed to become the version of myself who already had it.
And so that meant that I had to become someone else first before I could manifest my desires.
It was very tiring.
It felt like keeping up appearances.
It felt like struggling my way towards something all the time.
There was pressure, pushing and yes, striving.
By spending most of my time surrounded by animals in Nature, I’ve let go of this complicated way of being in the world.
I’ve learned to observe their simple way of being with what is and allowing Life to unfold the way it wants to.
Without any opposition.
Without any resistance.
Without any intervention.
I’ve let go of the metaphorical reins and have allowed Life to take me where I need to go.
And the magic is unfolding right before my eyes.
Synchonicities, serendipitous events and lots and lots of support that is allowing me to get to where my heart truly wants to be ❤
It is quite incredible, yet so natural.
And that’s the whole point:
To let your True Nature thrive.
To let go of the masks, the shoulds, the persona you’ve created to protect yourself – and come back to the Truth of your Being.
It’s about going from without, to within.
It’s an unbecoming and coming back to your most natural self.
Where Life can flow through you.
Where your true desires will guide you.
Where the whole Universe will conspire to get you what you truly want.
It’s all quite magical if you let it.
True Nature is a six-month journey together with me and the horses where we’ll help you come back to yourself and allow your true desires to unfold right before your eyes.
Book a free call to connect and see if this is a good fit for you right now.
Looking forward to leading you back to your True Nature – and thrive.

True Nature

A journey in which you’ll let go of your debilitating fear of what other people think and you’ll finally focus back on yourself.

A reclamation of your deepest Truth and uncovering of your purest Self.

A naked plunge in the deepest waters of your Soul where your True Nature abides and is thirsty to meet you.

Owning who you truly are finally fully feeling at home with yourself.

The Journey

We’ll share space, exchange energy and journey together for six months.

My horses and I will guide you on this Sacred journey in the following ways:

  • Six Online Horse Magic Sessions;
  • Monthly Messages From Mora;
  • Two Written Moments of Support per Month on Messenger or via Email;
  • Monthly True Nature Exercises to Help You Deepen Your Connection With Yourself and the Natural World.

Investment Level

One payment of € 2000,-

Or make use of the payment plan of € 333 per month for six months.

Why work with me?

I have an innate sensor for Truth and I am able to sense what it is you truly want (not what you think you want) – and how you are blocking yourself from getting there. Thanks to my no-nonsense, yet compassionate coaching approach, I help you dissolve limiting beliefs, design the life that your heart desires and live in alignment with your True Nature so you can thrive. 

horse coaching

Why work with my herd?

My mare Mora lives in complete freedom together with her three kids: Ringo, Timo and Noa. They are as pure as they can be and their sensitivity, their directness and their loving presence have allowed me and my clients heal old wounds and own our deepest Truth. 

I see myself in horses and working alongside them is a true honour. 

Their feedback is always on-point and allows my clients to dissolve blocks that they didn’t even know they had. 

Their healing energy works magic every time and it’s something that you really need to experience for yourself in order to truly understand.

Ready to journey with us and come back to your True Nature?

Do you resonate with True Nature and feel called to get my guidance?

Book a free discovery call so we can meet, talk things through and see if we’re a right fit to work together.

Can’t wait to connect and find out what you are all about!