Animal Communication

What is animal communication able to do?

Animal Communciation is able to improve, enhance and clarify the communication between an animal and their person. It is able to be a means of communication whereby both parties can have their say and especially the animal gets a chance to be heard. It allows for clarity to take place and for respect to be fostered on both ends.

The animal appreciates the opportunity to have their say and the person appreciates the opportunity to hear what their animal actually thinks and feels, which hopefully leads to an improvement in the living conditions for the both of them.

More consideration on either end is created, which allows for a smoother relationship and a deeper connection.

Questions can be answered, curiosities satisfied and wishes expressed.

Animal Communication is a bridge that closes the gap between the misunderstanding that exists between the two species: human beings and animal beings. It is a way to get closer to each other and see how the other is actually seeing the world from their perspective.

When we are seen, heard and taken into consideration, we are willing to do the same for the other and so the relationship (dare I say) inevitably improves if the desires expressed, mostly by the animal, are actually taken into acount.

Animal Communication can possibly cause behavioural change for both the person and the animal because of this sensation of being heard and finally understanding what goes on in the other being’s head and heart.

It allows for a deepening of the connection between animal and human; it causes an increase of the love, respect and understanding they have of each other.

This sense of understanding can bring calm and peace to the household where chaos used to reign. It can bring more patience and compassion towards the animal where frustration used to be the case. It can bring joy and love in the hearts of both parties where anger and bitterness used to be present.

Love, respect, understanding and compassion are all beautiful results that Animal Communication can bring, besides opening up a whole new world!

What is animal communication unable to do?

Animal Communication cannot solve behavioural problems on the spot. Being heard and understood doesn’t mean the animal necessarily changes behaviour instantly. It’s possible, but not a guarantee or what Animal Communication should be used for. Training an animal to unlearn undesirable behaviour together with understanding the reason for the behaviour through a consultation would be a perfect combination to bringing about actual change in the behaviour.

It is not able to perfectly diagnose disease or the cause for discomfort in the animal’s physical body, though may help to give insight or ideas for investigation. Ailments can potentially come forward during the communication, but should always be checked by a vet. Working together with an Animal Communicator while curing an animal can be helpful in combination with veterinary care. It is not a substitute for it, though.

Animal Communication cannot solve any relationship issues; it can bring them to the table and if both parties are willing to listen to each other and work on themselves, then a relationship issue can potentially be resolved. Where there’s awareness, there’s possibility for change, so a communication can help greatly in understanding what the matter is and then the human can see how his or her behaviour is causing this strain in the relationship and how to possibly change it.

Animal Communication isn’t apt for giving orders to animals; requests can be made, but there’s no guarantee that the animal will adhere to them. It’s rather a way to see what is causing the behaviour and then as a human to see if we can facilitate the desired behaviour and/or acknowledge the diffiulty the animal is facing and simply being there for them with compassion. Who knows, maybe miracles can come from that change in approach from the human side!

Animal Communication is a beautiful way to build a stronger relationship with your animal companion. You speak a different language and this simultaneous translation can be the key to unlocking your hearts towards each other.

Where there’s understanding, there can be compassion.

Where there’s compassion, there can be patience.

Where there’s patience, there can be freedom of expression.

Where there’s freedom of expression, there can be authenticity.

Where there’s authenticity, there can be connection.

Where there’s connection, there can be love.

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