Wild Wisdom

Group Programme;

A Journey Within to Reclaim Your Inner Knowing and Become Unstoppable

highly sensitive person

Reconnect to your true Nature and reclaim your inner Wild Woman;

She Who Knows

Do you often feel:

– disconnected from your true self and an easy “prey” for other people’s opinions?

– scattered, unfocussed and uninspired, wondering where your inner fire has gone?

– insecure about your mission, even though you know you can help so many people if you just dared SHOW UP fully;

– confused and unclear about what steps to take next and what it actually is that you want?

– afraid to go for what you truly desire because you don’t know if you can trust yourself fully?

– you’re missing a connection with something bigger, or deeper, but can’t put your finger on it precisely?

– insecure about yourself, your gifts and your worth as a Woman?

– weird for craving a deeper connection with Nature, but don’t really know how to go about it?

– afraid to show up as your true self, afraid what people will say, but also are tired of hiding?

Then this is for you.

Mother Nature

She’s fierce. She’s clear. She’s ruthless.

She also is our greatest Teacher.

The rivers, the mountains, the winds, the flames, all the elements, the Earth and the sky speak to us and give us invaluable messages for our lives.

Let’s listen.

Animal Kingdom

The animals are connected to their true power and don’t let their minds get in the way, like we do. Let’s follow their example and become pure, raw and unstoppable.

Let’s run with the wolves.

Our Womb

The Essence of our Womanhood holds ancestral wisdom and a fire that has been lying dormant for too long.

Let’s get that Kundalini going, let the snake out and let that fire ROAR.

Yes, that means expressing your sexuality, your anger and your DRIVE.

Let’s gooooo.

Wild Wisdom will lead you back home to yourself and reclaim your power

Thanks to this Spirit-led group programme you will strengthen your inner Knowing, deepen your intuition and uncover and develop your spiritual gifts.

You know what you want, what you’re here for and now you’re going to get it by fully letting yourself be seen in all your glory.

You’ll reconnect to your inner “witch” and find that you’ve known all the answers all along; you were just getting distracted by the world out there – now you will come back here.

To your heart.

To your Soul.

To your womb.

Nature knows the way; let’s follow her and become unstoppable.

Group Programme

Join this EPIC three-month journey, which will start in October 2022 in a private Facebook group.

We’ll gather together on fortnightly Zoom calls on Fridays from 7-8.30pm Rome time, which will be recorded and sent to you afterwards.

The dates are:

14 October;
28 October;
11 November;
25 November;
9 December;
23 December.

There will be a select group of only six women to keep it intimate. 

You’ll receive three Wild Wisdom Assignments per month, nine in total, which you will complete and share in the group and which you’ll receive my invaluable coaching and feedback on.

The whole journey is inspired on the book Women Who Run With the Wolves – Contacting the Power of The Wild Woman by Clarissa Pinkola Estés which I highly recommend you read before or during our time together.

I’ll read excerpts from it and base some of the Wild Wisdom Assignments on it.

In the other Assignments you’ll get the chance to connect to the elements, (your) animals, the trees and your womb and receive their guidance and wisdom so that you’ll feel deeply rooted within yourself and no one or nothing will stop you anymore.

My mare Mora will also be a special guest speaker in the group and infuse it with her no-nonsense, empowered feminine energy.

The Divine Feminine is ready to be revealed, revered and let out.

This is YOUR time.

Let’s turn on that FIRE and let your light SHINE.

You'll tap into the wisdom you already have within and become unstoppable

You’ll feel deeply rooted within yourself, sure of your soul-footing and Know that you can truly trust yourself.

There is no going back.

You will feel confident as fuck, unshakeable in your faith that what you have to bring has value and you’ll become a true force to reckon with.

You’ll get out of confusion, insecurity, inaction, self-doubt and lack of self-worth and step into your sovereign Self, get crystal clarity, find deep rootedness and embrace your inner Knowing so no one or nothing will stop you anymore.

Let’s reconnect you fully and let that life force energy come back into your body.

Ready to journey within and reclaim your inner Knowing, so that you can finally trust yourself fully and feel deeply rooted within your own Truth and become unstoppable?

Join the Wild Wisdom Group Programme!

There are only four out of six spaces available;

first come, first serve!

Investment level:

€ 999 

Click below to join and pay by credit card, or email me at info@lifecoachsophie.com if you’re in Europe and want to pay by bank transfer.

Terms & conditions apply.