Online Horse Magic Journeys

Live in alignment with your Truth

I help women live in alignment with their Truth

This means:


  • Knowing who you truly are and daring to live the way you want to live – even if it’s different from what your family/friends/society expect from you;

  • Making a real difference in other people’s lives with your Soul calling – instead of doing a job that drains you and has you wasting your precious time here on Earth;

  • Having a solid baseline of natural self-confidence and daring to set clear boundaries;

  • Knowing what your needs are and unapologetically taking care of yourself;

  • Feeling that you can trust yourself and your intuition.


This is what I bring


The herd and I see who you truly are and lead you to that place where you fully and unapologetically step into that truest, most aligned version of yourself.

We help you embody self-confidence and help you reset your nervous system so that no one and nothing is going to stop you from being who you truly are anymore.

We help you feel rooted within yourself, knowing you can trust yourself and fully believing in yourself, so you finally dare create a life that is fully aligned with your Truth.

Sounds like what you need?

I work with spiritual, highly sensitive, wild women who want to own their power, but are prone to anxiety.

They want nothing more than to live life in alignment with their true selves because their deepest fear is that they’re wasting their precious time here on Earth.

They thrive in Nature, love Italy and are deeply loving and sensitive Souls.

They want to make a meaningful difference in this world, owning their beautifully unique gifts and live a life they truly have no regrets about.

Rings a bell? Then read on

Horse Magic Journey

An online journey with me & the herd that leads to owning who you truly are and finally living in alignment with your Truth.

The Journey

We’ll work together for three months, six months, or one year depending on your choice.

My horses and I will guide you in the following ways:

  • One 75-minute recorded session on Zoom per month;

  • Support on Messenger, or by email in between sessions;

  • Lifelong access to my online programme Take the Leap and a digital copy of my book The YES Woman Manifesto;

  • A Horse Magic Experience with me & the herd in Tuscany!

Investment Level

Three months:

Pay in full: € 1666

Payment plan: € 555,50 per month

Six months:

Pay in full: € 3333

Payment plan: € 555,50 per month

One year:

Pay in full: € 6000

Payment plan: € 500 per month

Why work with me?

I have an innate sensor for Truth and I am able to feel how you are blocking yourself from getting what you want.

Thanks to my no-nonsense, yet compassionate coaching approach, I help you dissolve limiting beliefs, find the courage to design the life that your heart desires and finally live in alignment with your true self.

Read what others have said about working with me here

horse coaching

Why work with my herd?

My mare Mora lives in complete freedom together with her three kids: Ringo, Timo and Noa. They are as pure as they can be and their sensitivity, their directness and their loving presence have allowed me and my clients heal old wounds and own our deepest Truth. 

I see myself in horses and working alongside them is a true honour. 

Their feedback is always on-point and allows my clients to dissolve blocks that they didn’t even know they had. 

Their healing energy works magic every time and it’s something that you really need to experience for yourself in order to truly understand.

Ready to journey with us and live in alignment with your Truth?

Do you feel called to get my guidance?

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